Aspiring to Soar with Eagles – a New Dimension in International Learning Empowerment

Asia Global Raya and LTT Global bring blended learning to power human capital development and to catalyze growth and income of individuals in Toraja.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, January 25, 2016 --( Ten young eagles are rising from the mountains of Toraja facing the challenges of tomorrow in a rapidly changing world. Global learning today is a continuous process of change requiring learning adjustments to remain competitive in the work place. Students in South Sulawesi have embarked on a pathway in learning afforded by advances in technology in becoming continuous learners and leaders of the younger generation of the future.

Following their three month foundation program in an international hotel school in North Sulawesi, ten finalists are now on the next stage of the international blended learning programme focusing on event tourism in Sulawesi. The students will now embark on an on line spectrum of courses inclusive of Tourism, Empowerment and Leadership, Information Technology and Languages through the medium of smart phone and internet study. Part of the blended learning is an assignment based on the "Buddy System" where two students learn and work together to complete an assignment related to aspects of tourism in the Toraja region. Part of the course programme includes delivering an event in Toraja at the heritage hotel, which they will plan, coordinate and deliver as a team in April 2016. Upon completion of these modules the students then commence an internship with International Hotels, Convention Centres and Tourist Services in Eastern Indonesia (Bali and Makassar).

This unique learning experience combines blended learning in the form of classroom theory, interactive tutorials, online learning, assignments with Mentors in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry and with practical hands-on experience working in an international training hotel in Toraja.

Wemel Cumavo, Founder and CEO of LTT Global said "We are very excited to be introducing this blended learning programme in Sulawesi together with the City of Toraja and Asia Global Raya our Educational Partners. These young people are the future leaders and innovators of tomorrow. These young tourism ambassadors will lead the way for many to follow in their footsteps in their pursuit of creating a new standard of service and quality of experience for overseas visitors to these beautiful distinctive tropical islands."

Drs Frederik Batti Sorring S.Sos.MM Bupati for Toraja Utara said "Toraja today leads Indonesia in its unique Heritage with its sister city relationship with New Zealand. We are exploring innovative ways for our young people to reach their potential and develop the character and quality of visitor experiences for our overseas guests and cultural experiences. Using technology we can build upon this success and set new opportunities in empowerment and personal development for our young people."

LTT Global is a key learning partner for projects in India, Nepal, Liberia, Uganda and Malaysia. LTT Global works closely with the World Assembly of Youth and the Association for People with Disability too. Their platform is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) which states to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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