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Oneberry Technologies presents a real time security management software system that fully automates physical security process; creating a paperless security environment for organisations. The Intelligent Guard System is integrable with ID and/or barcode scanners, biometrics, RFID devices and IP Cameras. User access specific through Internet, the Intelligent Guard System greatly assists management in critical decision making thus effectively bridging communication within organisations.

Singapore, Singapore, December 26, 2007 --( Oneberry Technologies is a security solutions developer providing both equipment and software to meet clients’ security needs. Being in the industry for almost 20 years, Oneberry Technologies recognise the urgent need to implement automation into security systems.

Lacking manpower has always been a problem faced by organisations, especially in the security industry, escalating into crisis for many today.

Recognising the rising costs and demand of manpower, Oneberry Technologies introduces the Intelligent Guard System.

Encapsulating a total security management solution whereby security processes are fully automated, recording and reporting is both effortless and efficient; the Intelligent Guard System promotes increased productivity and savings for an organisation.

A total tracking, recording and reporting security system updated real time; its robust database is further enhanced by comprehensive search and reporting capabilities.

The Intelligent Guard System replaces logbooks and checklists archetypal of any security guard house or security command centre in an organisation.

The process is made more efficient and paperless through intelligent scanning and data entry prompting the security personnel to be more aware of the environment and security threats.

With the implementation of the Intelligent Guard System, it is possible to reduce the number of security personnel on-site in any organisation.

In fact, Oneberry Technologies have seen productivity go up by 25-35% in most cases.

Features incorporated into the Intelligent Guard System include Visitor and Contractor Management, Staff Management, Occurrence and Daily Activity, Vehicle Movement etc.

The key point of the Intelligent Guard System is its simplicity and ease of use. Security personnel need not be technologically savvy to operate the software as it is designed to be simple to use - with just a simple scan and click of a button.

Interdependent on the level of security at respective organisations, the Intelligent Guard System is integrable with ID and/or barcode scanners, biometric and RFID devices as well as IP Camera.

Seamless access to the Intelligent Guard System through Internet connectivity or Intranet promotes remote monitoring whereby available functions of the system are user access specific.

Remote monitoring allows retrieval of real time information regardless of user’s physical location thus greatly assisting management in critical decision making as well as daily staff deployment.

Back end reporting becomes effortless and efficient due to centralised storage of data thus saving precious time; whereby comprehensive reports can be drafted instantly according to selected fields.

Communication is effectively bridged within an organisation.

While the Intelligent Guard System does not eliminate the need of security personnel, it minimises the required number on-site and at the same time, complements as well as increases the security personnel’s productivity and efficacy.

A wide spectrum of sectors which have benefited from the implementation includes schools, shopping centres, warehouses, hotels, condominiums and government agencies.

“Security must make sense – How do we more for less?”

Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd
Teri Ahmad