TANGIBLE IP Announces Completed Sale of Mass Flow Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing Patent Portfolio

Leading Patent Brokerage Firm Closes 2015 with Record Sales

Seattle, WA, January 27, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Tangible IP, LLC, an international patent brokerage and Intellectual Property advisory firm headquartered in Seattle, with offices in San Francisco and Montreal, announced that it had successfully brokered the sale of the patent portfolio of Cyber Instruments Technology, LLC. (“Cyber Instruments”) in the field of mass flow control for semiconductor manufacturing. The identity of the buyer and the financials of the agreement were not disclosed. In 1999 Cyber Instruments was started to investigate the possibility of bringing self-calibrating pressure based flow technology to the semiconductor industry. Several senior executives with numerous years of experience in the semiconductor capital equipment industry came together and succeeded in designing the next generation pressure based mass flow technology, which led to the development of a rich patent portfolio that will now find a second life.

“We have known for years that we had developed great technology and a strong patent portfolio,” said Tim Brown, CEO and co-founder of Cyber Instruments. “Unfortunately, we did not have the kind of resources that the semiconductor industry requires to launch new products. We searched for a reputable brokerage firm that could best represent our assets to the marketplace and found it with Tangible IP. They took great interest in our portfolio and assigned considerable resources to analyze it and properly market it to potential buyers. They approached this transaction as a dedicated business partner would do and remained involved until the deal was fully consummated. I couldn’t be happier with their representation and would recommend them to anyone looking to monetize their IP.”

“We feel gratified that we were able to provide the patent owner a new conduit for their great technology and the IP rights attached thereto,” said Mr. Louis Carbonneau, Founder & CEO of Tangible IP. “This case was no different from so many others where a small startup creates great innovation but doesn’t have the deep pockets to bring it to market directly, while more entrenched players are gladly taking advantage of such innovation without paying their fair share. This sale will provide the right structure for finally rewarding a great contribution from its inventors, just like the patent system was set up to accomplish. We are very happy that we could enable this through our efforts.”

Tangible IP, LLC specializes in selling high-quality unencumbered patents and has now brokered the sale of over 2000 patent assets since its inception and has returned tens of millions of dollars back to inventors, shareholders and patent owners.

About Tangible IP, LLC. Founded in 2011 by former Microsoft GM of IP & Licensing Louis Carbonneau, Tangible IP offers full-service patent brokerage and strategic IP advisory services. For more info, visit www.tangibleip.biz or contact us via email at info@tangibleip.biz or by phone at +1 (425) 868-9280.
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