Kickstarter Meets Garadget

First consumer friendly garage door controller is now on Kickstarter.

Grand Junction, CO, January 27, 2016 --( Softcomplex announced today the launch of crowdfunding campaign for their innovative cloud enabled garage door control system Garadget. Designed to be easily connected to most existing garage door openers and offered at an affordable price, the product is set to become a gateway for the average consumer into the growing home automation market.

Most homeowners are familiar with the anxiety of realizing miles away from home that the garage door might still be open, or frantically checking their belongings after finding that the garage door was left open all night. Even though these situations are common, the solutions available on the market today are not widely adopted because of the prohibitive complexity of the installation and high price.

Garadget uses a low power laser and a reflective tag on the garage door, eliminating the need for wired or battery powered sensors and allowing installation in a matter of minutes. Connecting to cloud server using local WiFi network, the controller doesn’t require complex configuration such as name server entries or firewall exceptions.

The system is offered with easy-­to-­use smartphone apps for iOS and Android as well as web interface for other internet connected devices. Non-­proprietary secure protocol and rich developer resources make it possible for variety of third party clients to be interfaced with Garadget including smartwatches, home automation hubs, web scripts, microcontrollers etc.

The hardware features powerful ARM processor and over-­the-­air updates allowing the device to “learn” new features, adopt new communication standards, remain secure and avoid the obsolescence in the rapidly evolving home automation market.

Garadget is ready for production and offered for pre-­order via Kickstarter with prices as low as USD 59.00 per unit. Limited quantities of the device are available at the end of the 30­ day campaign with the majority of fulfillment scheduled for the end of Summer 2016.

Be among the first to experience peace of mind, convenience and security with Garadget by backing the campaign at:
Softcomplex, Inc
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