All Around Us Documentary Film Reaches Minimum Goal for Project

The ground-breaking documentary, All Around Us, is 158% funded with 21 days left to go and still gaining momentum.

Portland, OR, January 27, 2016 --( Local filmmaker and director, Tristan David Luciotti (Vision8Studio), launched a project campaign on January 12th, 2016 to raise a minimum goal of $2,000.00 for the ground-breaking documentary All Around Us. With 21 days left, the project is 158% funded and still gaining momentum.

The film takes an intimate look inside the life of Psychic Medium Seth Michael, including personal interviews with friends: Animal Communicator Karen Anderson and Psychic Mediums Teresa Kleve, June Lundgren, Aurora and several others. This film will show all aspects of having this gift. You will encounter anxiety and fears to immense healing for those who are living as well as passed on, including pets. This will cover all types of spirits, spirit counseling, a trip to the Oregon Ghost Conference (OGC) in Seaside, OR, a haunting with White Light paranormal team of an old hotel and intimate, personal diary video footage from Seth. Questions will be answered.

This is the first feature film Vision8Studio will be producing and Tristan says that, "this film will show the raw reality of life as a psychic medium. It's not a Hollywood thrill film to entertain audiences. This shows the upsides and downsides of having this gift and we will explore it on every level possible. Seth is a no-brainer as the primary focus of this documentary. He is just a loveable guy and 100% sincere and honest. He has a big heart and this entire project is nothing but heart. This film has something for everyone: believers, skeptics and anyone in-between. It's a spiritual adventure you don't want to miss!"

Every donation made on comes with an incredible reward, which ranges from behind-the-scenes photos, autographed books, your name in the credits (including Associate and Executive Producer), readings with mediums, your chance to be in the documentary, tickets to the red carpet premiere and even dinner with Seth and Tristan. The rewards for this project start at only $5.

"Every dollar over our goal is only making this film even better," Tristan says, "We are now able to add funds for additional equipment, travel, post-production and distribution. I trusted God we would reach our goal and we did it in record-breaking time. The amount of support for this film is mind-blowing!"​​

An interesting twist to this documentary is the fact that the filmmaker is a Christian. Embarking on a film on this sensitive topic for him takes courage. "I have had my share of experiences in my life and it's important to show this isn't an evil or Satanic gift that Seth has. It's actually beautiful and I'm not afraid of any backlash I get from it. I think once people see this they may look at things in a brand new way. It's already been a fascinating journey."

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