British Gaming Startup Pioneers the Next Generation of the "Toys to Life" Genre

London-based indie developer Sensible Object launched the Kickstarter campaign for its first project today. The game, Fabulous Beasts, is a mix of physical tabletop and digital game designed for both children and adults to enjoy.

London, United Kingdom, January 28, 2016 --( Fabulous Beasts is built on innovative and award-winning "internet of things"-style sensing technology that the studio has developed in-house at its studio in Makerversity, Somerset House. It’s the result of 3D printing, electronics prototyping tools and readily available components that give small studios unprecedented ability to create new designs.

Fabulous Beasts is a cooperative game in which players build a tower on their tabletop out of beautiful beast-shaped pieces, and see them simultaneously pop into a fabulous world on the screen of a connected iOS or Android tablet or smartphone.

Warmly tactile and richly responsive, Fabulous Beasts takes the best aspects of both digital and physical games to create a new gaming experience that balances dexterity with tactical thinking. It’s complemented by beautiful visuals and a soundtrack by Disasterpeace, composer of music for games and movies including Fez and It Follows.

CEO and founder of Sensible Object, Alex Fleetwood, says: “I think that digital games so far have only scratched at the surface of introducing a physical dimension to play. We want to look at what happens when you use new technology to pull attention away from screens and back into the room, and the people you’re playing with. Fabulous Beasts is a big step towards realising that.”

Fabulous Beasts has already shown to international acclaim at events including leading boardgaming expo Spiel, videogame festival GameCity, and indie videogame exhibition Indiecade, where it won the Technology Award in October. It was also featured among The Guardian’s 25 most anticipated videogames of 2016 and in Kotaku’s list of top British games of 2016.

The studio will be taking Fabulous Beasts, which was first prototyped at Watershed in Bristol in late 2014, into full production ready for final release towards the end of 2016.

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