HIDTA Designated Areas Added by U.S. Government; NominoData Releases New Updated Version of HIDTA/HIFCA Data Solution

InCline Village, NV, February 05, 2016 --(PR.com)-- NominoData has updated and released the newest version of the HITDA/HIFCA data solution that is critical for financial institutions for compliance and risk rating requirements. Fourteen (14) new HIDTA counties have just been designated by the U.S. Government. NominoData has added these new counties to the data base that provides State, County, Town and Zip-code information about the designated HIDTA/HIFCA areas.

NominoData President Robert Goldfinger said "Many financial institutions rely on our updated HIDTA/HIFCA data file to remain compliant, we update the data file numerous times during the year so that our clients have the most up to date information." NominoData also offers solutions for Negative News, Sanctions, PEPS and Marijuana commerce.

For more information about this useful compliance data tool please contact Rob Goldfinger, President of NominoData at rgoldfinger@nominodata.com
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Rob Goldfinger