3 Piggs Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot is Half a Million Rand and Counting

Piggs Peak, Swaziland, December 29, 2007 --(PR.com)-- 3 Piggs Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot has steadily climbed and making its way up to hit the R500 000 mark. It last went off on Sunday, 23 September 2007 on a 6 seater, R1/R2 table called Proudly Today. The winner, RockSpider, walked away with a whopping R29,280.54. The Jackpot is breaking records as the biggest Bad Beat Jackpot in the 3 Piggs Poker Room.

“The poker room buzz is at an all time high and you can feel the tension grow as all the players want to be there for the toppling of the biggest Bad Beat Jackpot in Rands. Who would have thought, you actually want a bad beat,” says Sandy Koor, Poker Manager at 3 Piggs Poker.

Bad beat is a term that means having an outstanding chance of winning a bet, only to still lose. There are only 4 requirements to win the 3 Piggs Poker Bad Beat Jackpot. Firstly four or more players must be dealt into the hand. The losing hand must be Four-of-a-Kind - 8's or better. The hand of the winner and loser must include the hole cards and the hand must go to a showdown. The hand must have contributed to the jackpot to qualify.

The payout structure works as follows, 10% is paid back to 3 Piggs Poker in proportion to how the players have contributed to the Jackpot. 20% is used to seed the next Jackpot. 70% is used for Player winnings of which half is paid to the loser with the Bad Beat hand, 25% to the winner of the hand and 25% to the other Players who actively participated in the hand. Be sure to play on the tables marked “Bad Beat Jackpot” – you can download the software at www.3piggspoker.com

Piggs Peak Casino
Wendy Graaf