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Unique website is dedicated to spreading positive news about Black males that disprove negative stereotypes.

Detroit, MI, December 29, 2007 --( So much bad news about Black men and boys is reported by the media and repeated by the masses that it is easy for anyone, including Black males themselves, to get the false impression that nearly all of them are deadbeat dads, career criminals, pathetic partners, or just downright lazy and uneducated.

Indeed, it takes such little effort to find or fabricate reasons to put them down that the only reason the Black Male Appreciation (BMA) website exists is to lift them up.

BMA celebrates the achievements of contemporary Black males, commending all the brothers who stand up to be counted everyday despite the fact that they remain unaccounted for in most statistics.

The site emphasizes the positive focus and promising future of many Black males, but that does not mean it is in denial about the plight of others. Several men and boys in the founding editor’s own family are on the “endangered species” list, for example, as was he.

But just as there is a need to try to “save” Black males that are “at-risk,” there is also a need to support and sing the praises of Black males that are at home, at school, at work, at-large, and at their children’s sides making a positive and powerful difference.

The site was launched also because negative perceptions and portrayals of Black men are having a detrimental effect on the aspirations on young Black men. As many mentoring organizations have shown, these youth need to see, not just historical figures, but good Black men of today doing great things with their lives.

If you truly admire Black men and boys who are maintaining a positive presence in the world today, you can help BMA fulfill its purpose, not only by regularly visiting and commenting on, but also by contributing uplifting content to the site.

As long as your submissions are consistent with BMA's objectives, you may submit everything from positive news articles and essays to poems, videos, pictures, music, personal reflections, and even information about organizations for Black men.

Just send your email address, along with your name and information about yourself, to the Please write the words “I want to join your team!” on the subject line of your email in order to receive a faster response.

Let brothers know that you appreciate them for all the good that they do. Let lost brothers know that there are countless (and uncounted) Black male role models willing to help them find their way. And let the misguided masses and those who disseminate distortions regarding Black males know that you are now part of a Black Male Appreciation movement that is setting the record straight.

Black Male Appreciation
Richard Jones