Jungle Ethics Productions Finishes Filming of "Group Lotto"

Mikos Zavros' Jungle Ethics Productions wraps filming of "Group Lotto," a short film.

Los Angeles, CA, September 28, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Jungle Ethics Productions wrap filming on its latest project, "Group Lotto." Taking place in a bar, one Memphis T. Foley comes in and decides to recruit players for Group Lotto, a simple way to pick lotto numbers via consensus. When the numbers come up, the same among the 5 players, every time, the players gravitate towards their own explanation of the mathematical anomaly.

The film is helmed by Mikos Zavros, known for his collaboration with JT Mollner on "The I Scream Man," his third in his foray into directing.

"I find my brain works the same way as a film set... lots of different problems to tackle and many factors to tweak and problems to slay, keeping me very occupied." The film centers on a stranger who convinces the patrons of a bar to pick a number for the lottery and use the most picked numbers. Trouble arises when all five of the patrons pick the same numbers every time. I sit a divine intervention, a moment in time or another, more sinister force driving these strange events? Will they win the lotto?
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