Photos on from Around the World Commemorate the Passing of 2007 global social fund-raiser races against time. Team plans to print photos from around the world on largest flag to be visible from space.

Hartsdale, NY, December 30, 2007 --( invites you to visit its site, upload a photo to be included in the world's largest flag, and to optionally donate to some worthy charities. "We're aiming to raise over $2 million for charity in record time, while creating a beautiful social work of art. Worldwide participation on day one has been encouraging." said Reza Jalili, who teamed up with childhood friend Babak Kimiayi and Dr. Greg Clary, a friend from IBM Research to launch "I knew who to call with this idea."

"People everywhere value memories and love to support worthy charities. We wanted to give the world a New Year’s gift - a website for the world to create a collage representing its collective memory of 2007. In celebration of the close of 2007 and the dawn of 2008, we ask users to contribute to the worthy causes featured on the site,” said Clary. “Look for us to continue to celebrate humanity globally, regionally, and locally with innovative social photo collages."

"Like many, Reza and I were separated during the Iranian revolution and fell out of touch for more than 20 years. The Internet reunited us. So, we know firsthand the power of this global tool," said Kimiayi. "I jumped at the chance to help launch" provides a large canvas on which to post and view small photos, as a collage. Visitors to the site are invited to add a photo of their favorite memory from 2007, optionally with a donation, and a personal message. has 2007 by 365 squares to be filled with photos. will divide 100% of the collected donations equally between Habitat for Humanity, Doctors without Borders, and the World Wildlife Fund. As donations grow, more charities may be added to the list.

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About – is a photo-driven, global social Internet platform for fund-raising founded by Reza Jalili of Hartsdale, New York, Greg Clary of Cary, North Carolina, and Babak Kimiayi of Reston, Virginia. The site is an artistic venture for these technology entrepreneurs, formerly of IBM Research and trained at MIT and Duke University, who share the common vision that the power of the Internet should and can be used to benefit the world. is managed by Pixometrix, Inc., an intellectual asset management firm.
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