Organic Aglianico Del Vulture DOC "Siir" by San Martino, Represented by, is Launched at the Norwegian Alcohol Monopoly, Vinmonopolet

Basilicata winery San Martino's excellent and organic Aglianico del Vulture DOC "Siir" is launched in approximately 300 shops at the Norwegian alcohol monopoly, Vinmonopolet in March 2016. This gutsy, generous and elegant 100% Aglianico del Vulture has amazing southern character but is simultaneously as rich as the northern Nebbiolo.

Oslo, Norway, February 24, 2016 --( Product name: 'Siir' DOC Aglianico del Vulture (Organic)
Producer: San Martino
Region: Basilicata
Production area: Vulture, Forenza (PZ)
Denomination: DOC Vulture
Vintage: 2013
Tartaric acid: 5,70 g/l
Residual sugar: >1 g/l
Grape: 100% Organic Aglianico del Vulture
Picking method: Manual
Aging: Barrique 12 months 40%-70% and stainless steel tank 12 months 30%-60%
Refining: Bottle at least for 6 months
Alcohol: 13,5%
Serving temperature: 18ºC
Color: Deep red, clear
Aroma: Mineral, stylish floral hints, fresh and bottled red berries and fruit
Palate: Gutsy, generous and elegant, fresh and fruity, supported by sweet tannins. Good acidity lengthens the deep and well-defined finish
Matching dishes: Ideal with barbequed, roasted, stewed and braised meats

The winemaker and enologist of San Martino, Lorenzo Piccin, conducted his studies in Viticulture and Oenology in Alba, Italy and since 2008 he began his own venture in Vulture, Basilicata. In addition to his degree in oenology and winemaking he is using all the family experience and knowledge he has and puts it into his very own organic winery and vineyards.

"The sale to the Norwegian governmental alcohol monopoly that has managed to successfully negotiate and complete for us is a major win for our Basilicata winery," says Mr. Lorenzo Piccin.

He also comments on the relationship between the winery and "iVinaio is truly a blessing for a winery who has little or no sales in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, as they are not an intermediate but work full-time for the winery in Italy in winery´s own language towards Scandinavian and Baltic buyers (such as HoReCa, importers, retail, etc.) in their own respective languages. Therefore iVinaio brings me customers without any misunderstandings in language, culture or details, and the communication stays extremely effective and simple, resulting in this type of major sales."

The vineyards are located in Contrada San Martino, municipality of Forenza, in the Basilicata Region. It's a unique body of 6 hectares with distinct ages, one of 2 hectares of 15 years of age and density of 5000 plants per hectare, 2 of 40 years of age with the same density of 5000 per hectare and the last part of 70 years of age and 8000 plants per hectare. Exposition to the sun varies and production per hectare differs according to the age of the vineyard, from 70-80 ql for the youngest ones down to 40 ql for the older ones. The vineyard is set at an altitude between 550 mt and 580 mt above sea level, on a red sandy soil rich in oxidized iron and intervals of volcanic turf. Temperature varies greatly between day and night even during the hot summer months. Climate is continental, with cold, partially snowy winters and hot dry summers, which allows, also considering the characteristic late ripening of the Aglianico grape, for October/early November picking - among the last harvests in Italy.

The criteria that Lorenzo follows is very simple; producing high quality and healthy grapes to achieve the absolute best degree of ripeness, the best possible balance in the maturity, phenological operations dictated by the compliance with the characteristics of each vintage and trying to bring out the advantages without the use of selected yeasts.

Finally Mr. Piccin says: "I have to warmly recommend iVinaio´s services to any winery seeking to establish new revenue streams in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries as iVinaio´s network of buyers in these countries is impeccable." is the exclusive representative of San Martino wines in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

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