"El Lazarillo De Tormes," Film Made by Just One Person, Now Available

The classic Spanish novel "El lazarillo de Tormes" has been adapted to film by just one person, filmmaker Pedro Alonso Pablos, following the new trend called "solo filming."

Madrid, Spain, February 24, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Those who like classic literature and good films from around the globe could be considered lucky today: "El lazarillo de Tormes," the classic Spanish book has been adapted to an animation film and it has been recently released on Amazon. The film has been entirely made by Pedro Alonso Pablos, a Spanish filmmaker who likes to make classic novels & tales adaptations for film. This is the first work available in the US and other countries created by Pedro.

You can find reference to the film and a trailer at its website: pliski.com

The film, a 19 minute animation movie, has been created with a traditional digital 2D animation technique, like if the illustrations of an old book started to move, and has been entirely made by Pedro. The result is a beautiful film, focusing on the first chapters of the book, and the adventures of Lázaro with his first master the old blind man. It is, in fact, a great opportunity to enjoy one of the universal literature classics, this time as an animated film. It has been recorded in Castilian Spanish and the Amazon edition comes with English subtitles.

"Solo filming" is a new worldwide trend in animated films. It means that they are made by just one person, or a super small team, thanks in part to technology. There are several examples like the short film "Rosa" (2011) by Jesús Orellana, or the feature film "White tiger legend" (2015), which at first was going to be made by almost one person but later involved 12 or so people, or the recent short film featured on Vimeo "R'ha" (2013), by Kaleb Lechowski. And of course some examples coming from Pedro Alonso Pablos, like this "El lazarillo de Tormes" (2015) or another series made by him like "Inside a sheep's mind" (2015).

Pedro Alonso Pablos (Madrid, Spain, 1979), is an animation producer and Tv presenter. In 2004, before the appearance of Youtube, he directed, presented and produced an interviews show through which he interviewed successful Spanish filmmakers like Santiago Segura or Álex de la Iglesia and other Hollywood personalities like Guillermo del Toro or Keanu Reeves. These interviews were distributed through his own website, becoming one of the first examples of web television. Later he has been adapting classic novels & tales from around the globe to animation movies, with a special technique that lets he make the films on his very own (with the help of female actresses for certain voices), called "solo filming." He has released in Spain a some mini-series like "Tales of the World", "Inside a Sheep's mind" or "El lazarillo de Tormes."
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