Workshop Helps Women Reduce Stress Through Mindful Exercise

Salt Lake City, UT, February 27, 2016 --( SoulSalt, Inc, a life strategies and business coaching company, presents Run Girl Run: A Healthy Running Workshop, a weekend-long educational event providing women with tools to safely and effectively improve their fitness while reducing stress. The workshop takes place May 21 - 22, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Until recently, the way stress affects health—women’s health in particular—wasn’t well understood,” says the workshop’s keynote speaker, Elinor Fish. “Many women struggle to maintain a fitness routine without getting injured or burned out, but it’s not their fault. Their daily stress works against their best intentions. This workshop will give them the tools to lower stress while getting fit in a way that’s fun, easy and rewarding.”

Mindful running coach and writer Elinor Fish opens the workshop at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning with a presentation about the impact mental stress has on the physical body.

This presentation sets the tone for the breakout sessions to follow that offer attendees tools and techniques for improving mental and physical wellbeing through mindful movement.

Run Girl Run: A Healthy Running Workshop features interactive classes, running form assessments and group runs suited to runners of all levels. Experienced runners and beginner runners alike will receive long-lasting and highly impactful coaching, self-care and injury-prevention solutions from a panel of female fitness and wellness experts including:

Elinor Fish, mindful running coach, Run Wild Retreats
Discover the mindful running techniques that help you reduce stress while sustainably and easily building fitness.

Bobby Jo Benegas, personal trainer, Drive Performance
Learn how to perform a set of precise, must-do gym exercises to keep you running strong and injury free.

Lyn Christian, life strategist and business coach, Soul Salt
This discovery sessions help you uncover what it takes for you to be true to yourself no matter what your movement plan or exercise program.

Susan McLaughlin, physical therapist, Align Integration and Movement
Learn to nourish your joints and muscles while building a strong framework for a sustainable running practice.

The workshop will be held May 21 to 22, 2016 at Meet Me on 33rd, 1565 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, Utah. Tickets are $250 ($225 if you book before mid March) and can be purchased at

Lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday are included.
Run Wild Retreats
Elinor Fish