Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd. Announces Benefits to Choosing Car Insurance Brokers in Toronto

Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd. are bringing several innovative new automotive accident benefits to private and commercial drivers in Toronto and across greater Ontario, including supplementary income and in-home patient care.

Woodbridge, Canada, February 28, 2016 --( Cornerstone Insurance Broker Ltd., providing top car insurance brokers in Toronto, is pleased to announce the addition of several new optional insurance benefits to their packages of automotive insurance. These new options bring greater value to Cornerstone's automotive insurance, and continue to position Cornerstone as one of Ontario's leaders in innovative, affordable, and ethical insurance solutions.

These new options include:

Self-Employment Income Protection: Those who are self-employed and make over $30,000/year can receive supplemental income following an accident that leaves them unable to work, with benefits indexed to inflation to prevent income loss.

In-Home Accident Post-Care: A person facing extended convalescence following an accident can be insured against the costs of in-home care, allowing them to recover in the comfort of their home while still receiving top medical care.

Child-Care Benefits: In the event the parent(s) are left unable to care for children following an accident, Cornerstone can see that the children are properly cared for until the family is healthy and ready to care for them again.

United States Health Care: Those who frequently travel to the United States may qualify for additional post-accident health care coverage which can pay for the often-enormous cost of medical care in the States.

Taken together, these add significant value to Cornerstone's automotive insurance offerings, and address some of the most common problems which can occur following an accident. Cornerstone can now protect both drivers and families during difficult times with their new coverage options.

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As founders Wendy and Peter DaSilva say, "We know that it's not about protecting your assets -- it's about protecting your dreams." Cornerstone is committed to providing a diverse array of insurance products at the best possible rates, while maintaining the highest in ethical standards.

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