AgmaSet for Nerve Health Launched in the Philippines

Los Angeles, CA, March 01, 2016 --( Gilad&Gilad, the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of AgmaSet®, a unique supplements for nerve health, is collaborating with JCS Pharmaceuticals Inc. for distribution in the Philippines

According to Dr. Gad M. Gilad, CEO of Gilad&Gilad, "The Philippines Ministry of Health has issued a permit allowing our collaborating distributor, JCS Pharmaceuticals, to distribute AgmaSet in the Philippines. JCS Pharmaceuticals is very proficient in its mission to market and sell superior supplements to healthcare professionals, pharmacies, health stores, and direct to consumers." Dr. Gilad adds that, "This collaboration is part of Gilad&Gilad's ongoing efforts to expand worldwide distribution and sales, and allows us to establish presence in the Southeast Asian economic region."

AgmaSet is a novel first-of-its-kind nutraceutical affording what is surely the best available solution for people in need of maintaining healthy pain-free nerve functions. "Using AgmaSet to fortify the daily intake of G-Agmatine® (Gilad&Gilad's proprietary brand of agmatine) provides a safe (without adverse effects) and most effective solution for nerve resilience, normal sensory functions and nerve-dependent muscle strength, which are cardinal for good quality of life," says Dr. Gilad. "It is estimated that more than 20 million people in the US alone are coping everyday with great challenges to their nerve health and with threats to maintaining resilient nerve functions. And most of them are still unaware of AgmaSet availability, but could greatly benefit by it."

"We are excited about our collaboration with Gilad&Gilad and the opportunities it provides us in promoting AgmaSet in the Philippines," says Mr. Renan M. del Rosario, president of JCS Pharmaceuticals. "Although there's an urgent unmet need by millions for a safe and effective solution for maintaining nerve health, it has been a neglected category by the supplement industry," he adds. "Now together with Gilad&Gilad expertise and reputation we will make AgmaSet readily available in the Philippines."

According to Euromonitor International the vitamins and dietary supplements market in the Philippines witnessed a 6% growth in 2015 and is predicted to record a stable 4% value CAGR at constant 2015 prices through to 2020.

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About Gilad&Gilad
Gilad&Gilad LLC is a privately owned, health science company with unique competency in Neuroscience. The principal mission of the company is to provide evidence-based safe and effective products of superior quality for healthier nervous system functions. The Company was founded by Dr. Gad M. Gilad and Ms. Varda H. Gilad following years of collaborative scientific research and based on their breakthrough discovery of the neuroprotective properties of G-Agmatine®, Gilad&Gilad's proprietary brand of agmatine. The Company has developed the exclusive For-Nerve-Health(TM) product line and markets the first-of-kind products, AgmaSet® and AgmaVet(TM). The Company builds its reputation by continuous investment in high standard scientific research and clinical studies, thus earning the trust of healthcare professionals and gaining credibility with the public. - For further information about Gilad&Gilad please visit

About JCS Pharmaceuticals
JCS Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a company based in the Philippines with a mission to achieve growth through distinct expertise in marketing, distribution and sales of products which are healing, health-giving, and health-enhancing. The Company is the exclusive distributor of Genacol® in the Philippines. - For further information about JCS Pharmaceuticals please visit
Gad M. Gilad, PhD