The Start of a New Investing Era

Kaleb Hammersley is one of the most creative real estate investors in the Evansville area making the opening of his new company Hammersley Real Estate Investing, LLC a very hot topic. Specializing in short sales and foreclosures, the up-and-comer is helping homeowner after homeowner get out of bad situations.

Evansville, IN, March 03, 2016 --( Hammersley Investments, LLC (their trade name), can buy Evansville houses no matter what the condition or situation the homeowner is in by using creative and new strategies to offer homeowners more options.

They are the premier company for buying houses, offering short sale, and foreclosure help, ushering in a new wave of great experience for those selling their homes.

"Money comes and goes," says Kaleb Hammersley, owner of Hammersley Investments, "but we want to make sure that our homeowners are happy."

He also has mentioned donating to worthy charities in the Evansville area focusing mostly on women, children, and minority based non-profits and charities.

Kaleb Hammersley enjoys working with people in very tough situations and can empathize with those in poverty, coming from poverty himself.

"Our motto is, the 'Seller Must Benefit,'" says Hammersley.

"People know that if they want, need, or absolutely have to sell their house, Hammersley Real Estate Investing is the place to go."

Kaleb Hammersley is the premier real estate investor in the Evansville area. He can be reached at 812-250-9694 and is available weekdays and weekends until 12am.
Hammersley Real Estate Investing, LLC
Kaleb Hammersley