DormCo Presents New Designer Twin XL Bedding

DormCo reveals the new line of thick cotton and microfiber Twin XL Comforters.

Buffalo, NY, March 05, 2016 --( Twin XL Bedding is going to be the most important dorm item on a college supplies checklist. The Twin XL dorm bed is the largest area the college student has to decorate, which makes the dorm bed become a centerpiece for dorm room décor. This makes Twin XL Bedding incredibly important for two reasons – dorm room décor and comfort. The college student will not want to skimp on either of those factors, and with the new 2016 line of designer Twin XL bedding, the college student will not have to.

College is a busy time and the college student cannot afford to toss and turn throughout the night due to discomfort. Tossing, turning, and having a sleepless night in general can wreak havoc throughout the day and even the days after that. Comfortable Twin XL Bedding becomes incredibly important to the student’s quality of sleep.

While the college student will want the best comfort possible for Twin XL Bedding, style is also a concern. How the dorm bed is decorated will determine the rest of the college student’s dorm room decorations. With DormCo’s new line of designer Twin XL Bedding, the college student will be able to have versatility in dorm room décor. These Twin XL Comforters are reversible with a complementary pattern on the reverse side and feature patterns ranging from stripes to vines to simple geometric patterns that are high impact. These dorm essentials are filled to the maximum for a thick, consistent inner fill that will add as much comfort as it does décor. With the high trend designs in the new line of designer Twin XL Comforters, the college student will be able to create high impact, eye catching dorm room décor that makes the college dorm room feel like home.

Twin XL Dorm Bedding is incredibly important to a college dorm room. Not only does the college student need a lot of comfort from the Twin XL Comforter, but the college student also wants a lot of style to create a high impact dorm room décor. With DormCo’s new selection of Twin XL Designer Comforters, the college student can make the college dorm room feel like home and get a quality night’s sleep with the ultimate comfort from the new line of Twin XL Bedding.

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Nicole Horning