Children’s Book by Amy Crowe Earns Dog Ear Publishing Award of Literary Excellence

Dog Ear Publishing has recognized a new illustrated children’s book that teaches gentle lessons, presenting it with the company’s Award of Literary Excellence.

Trussville, AL, March 09, 2016 --( JJ, a young boy who doesn’t like following the rules, stars in a new children’s book that has earned the Dog Ear Publishing Award of Literary Excellence. “Changed by a Catch,” written by Amy Crowe, offers a lesson about obedience, a concept that helps children show respect and safety when they encounter authority figures such as teachers, coaches, principals, police officers and even – once they grow up – bosses.

Crowe was excited and completely humbled when she learned her book had earned the excellence award. “To me just getting the book published was a dream of mine,” she said, adding that having an editor praise her book was different than a family member doing so. “It really meant a lot to me. I was completely happy to the point of tears.”

The award served another purpose, she notes. “It also gave me confirmation that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Writing is a great opportunity to use the talents that God has given me.”

Dog Ear Publishing’s editorial team decides which products qualify for the award, and the recommendations are then reviewed by the managing editor, editorial services manager and the publisher. This is the first book the company has published in 2016 to receive the recognition.

Crowe said the editor noted her book’s wide appeal in selecting it for the literacy excellence award. “She said it would appeal not only to children but to adults as well. Even younger readers can appreciate the simplicity of it.”

“I think it has a wide age range because the pictures appeal to the younger children, the wording and text are for even older kids,” she continued, “and for adults it’s an easy-to-share lesson for the child in obedience and not talking to strangers. … Toddlers can look at the illustrations and tell what’s going on. My 8-year-old looks at it and laughs as he finds pages that are funny.”

In using humor as the backdrop for her lessons, Crowe has plenty of experience from which to draw. “I can relate to the things that happen in the book because most of them have happened in our own home,” she said.

And Crowe, who loves reading, is proud of how her book appeals to kids of all ages, getting them interested in reading while learning at the same time. “They don’t even realize they are learning these values and life lessons as they’re reading through the book,” she said. “I think it accomplishes two things: love of reading at an early age and teaching them values and morals as they are growing up. I can have input in a small way with children I don’t even know.”

Imparting such lessons is a big reason she wrote “Changed by a Catch,” Crowe said. “I wanted to be able to influence not only young children but also parents. To me this book has a way of helping children learn without telling them what to do – it’s more subtle. … As a parent you feel like the kids aren’t really listening. It’s important to try to keep teaching them so when they grow up they respect figures of authority – all the different kinds of people they will come into contact with later on.”

Crowe said one of the other important aspects of her book are the illustrations inside. She appreciated Dog Ear’s approach to illustration, which allowed her to coordinate with illustrator Jordan Mathenia for what image would go on each page – a helpful tool when creating something for children.

The mother of three – two girls and a boy – has been hooked on writing since she entered a contest in Tulsa, Okla., and won $100. “That was the first time I got paid as a writer. That was a lot of money for a 10-year-old,” she said. “That was huge for me.” Getting a congratulatory handshake and hug from the school principal inspired Crowe to keep writing, and she continued to win contests in high school.

While attending Jacksonville (Ala.) State University, she worked in its news bureau for newspapers and the alumni magazine. She earned a degree in marketing and worked in that field. When she and her husband began their family, writing got put on the back burner, taking it up again when her youngest began kindergarten.

“It’s a great first book for me,” she said. “I learned so much during the entire process and I’m extremely proud of the finished product.”

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Changed by a Catch
Amy B. Crowe
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-4340-1 40 pages $9.95 US

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