From Web Series to Feature Film, Robert Chapin's Vamp-Slaying "The Hunted" Has a Stake in New Media

Marina Del Rey, CA, March 09, 2016 --( "...does for reluctant vampire slayers what Deadpool did for foul-mouthed mercenaries..." - IMPACT Magazine

One of the longest running web shows online, The Hunted ( is now a feature film thanks to the show's fans and a successful Kickstarter campaign. The film is one of the first features produced under SAG's New Media contract and takes advantage of the latest in online distribution through Vimeo VOD (which includes Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, and smart TVs)

The feature is the next installment of the action/comedy series which tells the story of a struggling actor who leads a group of misfit slayers against an army of vampires. The vampires, however, have developed an immunity to everything over the years, and the only way they can be killed is with a sword. Luckily, our hero knows how to use a sword, mostly due to his starring role in a cheesy 80's action flick called "Vampslayer."

The film was shot in Hollywood, California and was co-produced by New Deal Studios, the Academy Award-winning effects studio behind numerous blockbuster films (Interstellar, Inception). Directing the film is the show's creator, Robert Chapin (Ring of Steel), who stars in the film alongside Monique Ganderton (Guardians of the Galaxy, Hunger Games), Anthony Delongis (Highlander, Fearless), Gary Kasper (Battle Dome) and David Baker (Deadliest Warrior, Forged in Fire).

New media plays an important role in audience engagement and the "long tail" of the film. The online series is based almost entirely on user content, which means virtually anyone anywhere can create an episode of The Hunted. Regular contests featuring cash prizes and Hollywood judges encourage additional content, and the regular stream of content serves to cross-promote the feature with the online series.

In an industry where fan films are shunned by studios, The Hunted embraces them. This is reflected in the theme of the film, where soccer moms learn to become vampire slayers, just like fans leaning to become filmmakers. Everyone gets the chance to live up to their true potential.

"A Refreshing Spin on the Vampire Mythos." - Comic Book Bin
"A Pioneer in the Latest Action Frontier." - Impact Magazine

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