Accomplished Composer, Lyricist and Photographer, Debe Gunn Releases Her Book, "Beautiful Faces" to Inspire a Message of Love and Hope in the World

Bush Publishing released the first volume of Gunn's book series, "Life, I Love You" on November 18, 2015. The book and forthcoming series is a representation of beautiful faces from over 30 countries. The book is set for worldwide distribution.

Los Angeles, CA, March 09, 2016 --( Debe Gunn is a known lyricist, composer, and photographer who has recently merged her talents, to now include in her repertoire the recent accomplishment of author. Her latest "composition" is the release of her full color book, "Beautiful Faces" which includes beautifully represented photographs of people from around the world, most images paired with inspiring lyrics, Gunn "originals" from her library. The book is available on by following this link,, as well as via, Due to a positive response from the public, including dozens of five star reviews on Amazon, Bush Publishing has just released a coffee table/hard copy version of "Beautiful Faces." Ms. Gunn visited every region in the world represented in the book, and photographed each and every beautiful person first hand.

In describing her creative process, she indicated in a recent interview that she had a title and concept for the book first and simply let the book project evolve organically, years after the lyrics had been written and once she had a beautiful collection of photographs, encompassing many people representing many cultures and ethnicities from around the world. According to Debe Gunn, a conversation with a friend sparked the beginning stages of the book. This conversation is stated on one of the pages of "Beautiful Faces." "One enchanted moment, Christine, a friend of mine, perusing my photos exclaimed, "These photos are on the level of National Geographic. You've captured such beautiful faces. Followed by, 'The world should see them!'." What followed included Ms. Gunn's creative process which includes the beginning stages of her artistic, heartfelt, book composition, "Beautiful Faces." This also prompted the series, "Life, I Love You" with a second book complete and pending worldwide release, and a third in the works, as stated by Debe Gunn in a recent interview. This book has received outstanding reviews by peers and the general public. One, a midwife who recently read her book, conveyed to Ms. Gunn, "being a midwife, the book’s cover alone, drew me in. I've seen hundreds of birth photos," she stated, "yet I never saw a newborn captured in such a brilliant and remarkable way.”

Debe Gunn is a voting member of the Grammy's, and a member of the Producer and Engineer's wing of The Recording Academy. She recently returned from a photography trip to India, and according to Ms. Gunn in the forthcoming year she will be traveling throughout South America, as well as throughout various countries in Europe and the Middle East. All of her forthcoming travels will provide additional content for her books in the series, "Life, I Love You" ( Debe Gunn majored in Music at SJSU. She often creates lyrics which are published in Spanish, as well as English, as she is highly proficient and fluent in Spanish. She has an Advanced Degree from Tecum Uman Institute, located in Antigua, Guatemala, and an Advanced Superior Certification in Spanish from For La Union School. More information about Debe Gunn her music and work in photography, this may be found at

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