Teen-Anon Project of Streetcats Foundation Publishes Unique New Books to Help Teens and Families with Substance Abuse Recovery

Teen-Anon, the only national 12-step fellowship for teens, has released unique and needed new books for teens and their families to recover from substance abuse and for those who would like to lead a Teen-Anon 12 Step Group.

Portland, OR, March 10, 2016 --(PR.com)-- For teens struggling with substance abuse, their parents and siblings, counselors and educators as well as youth group and juvenile justice leaders at all levels who work with them, 3 much needed new books, filling a huge gap, have been published by the country’s only national 12-step fellowship for teenagers, which has operated for 16 years. All books are already available at the Teen-Anon site as well as from parent Streetcats Foundation.

The books are being published by Teen-Anon, for 16 years the country’s only 12-step national fellowship for teenagers dealing with substance abuse issues. Teen-Anon is part of non-profit Streetcats Foundation and the One Heart for Kids initiative and book purchases support all three.

Each book deals, for a specific audience, with the full range of topics, issues and needs related to both youth who have completed treatment programs but need help maintaining sobriety and growth and those who have not. It is the only book of its kind at a time when teens are abusing certain drugs in epidemic proportions.

The Teens ‘Awesome Teen Recovery Book’ offers teens 220 pages of what they need not only to keep off alcohol and other drugs but to learn about their addiction and numerous tools that include 12-step material. It also goes way beyond 12-step to keep teens growing and away from substance abuse. Teens have special needs and pressures and almost never stay at groups offered for adults. The material works no matter whether the youth have already been in rehab or not.

The Parents edition adds numerous tools and understanding to help parents, siblings and friends of the teen with a substance abuse problem.

The counselor and educator book, Teen-Anon Group Leaders Manual, also includes all that essential 12-step and other material but all that is needed to start a Teen-Anon group, including a group meeting syllabus and handouts for teens, how to publicize a new group and more.

Each is available in soft cover, Kindle and digital download/pdf editions.

Teen-Anon books are edited by Don Fass, a national broadcaster and experienced youth worker who created Streetcats Foundation for Youth, did pioneering work with street kids and runaways in New York and Los Angeles and was inspired to start Teen-Anon after being at Columbine High School the tragic week of the massacre there in 1999.

Fass is also the author of the forthcoming books, ‘Real Teen Heroes…How You Can Be One,’ a book with submissions from all over the country honoring teens who have done something outstanding and are role models,’ ‘People Who Matter and How You Can too’ a collection of major interviews and ‘Depraved Indifference: Healing The Hidden Pathology in America.’ He is host of the award-winning weekly national satellite music and interview program, Reaching Up and of the forthcoming very different 24/7 satellite radio network, Celebrate Radio, that seeks to unite people in shared purpose and solutions.

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