Promotion Vault CEO Announces Support of Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Scottsdale, AZ, March 12, 2016 --( Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, who opened at its current location 22 years ago, is currently in jeopardy of closing its gates as the result of a years long dispute with a neighboring property owner. This leaves an unknown number of its resident large animals with no future home and a likely fate of euthanization.

Brian Mitchell, CEO of fellow Scottsdale business, Promotion Vault, and resident local to the conservation center, has announced his company’s support of the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in the following statement:

"The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center has been an invaluable part of this community for my entire family."

A statement from Brian Mitchell, Promotion Vault CEO:
"I would like to make clear that Promotion Vault is giving its full support to Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

"As a part of our local community, and as part of the American Southwest community, for 22 years the conservation center has provided invaluable services. There is nowhere else in this area that offers any rehabilitation services to most of these large animals. The center rehabilitates and releases, or provides a permanent home when needed, to a vast array of wildlife of the Sonoran Desert, from the ever familiar coyotes, to the majestic wildcats and to the endangered Mexican gray wolves. If the center is forced to close, many of these animals will have no home. Unable to reenter the wild, there will be no choice but to end their lives.

"Southwest Wildlife is critical to maintaining the health and vitality of the wildlife that makes this area such a unique and beautiful place to live. They successfully release 70% of injured and orphaned animals back into the wild. They have been an integral part of the Species Survival Plan (SSP) for the Mexican gray wolf, enabling its reintroduction to the United States for the first time since 1976.

"In addition to their contributions to the wild, they have contributed to the lives of the people of our community, including my own family. I have enjoyed visiting the center with my wife, Amy, and our children, Riley and Ashton. Through those visits, I have been able to give my children experiences, insights, and values that I would not have been able to provide otherwise. Thanks to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, my children are able to know firsthand the wonder, beauty and diversity of our unique home, the Sonoran Desert. They understand the value each species has in our environment. They know the difference that the compassion of one person can make in our world through the work of Linda Searles.

"Riley's Brownie troop from Pinnacle Peak Elementary School, is only one of many groups, ranging from Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America, to schools and organizations from, not just Arizona, but many states, to be given the experience of a lifetime in visiting this truly one-of-a-kind facility.

"I, my family, and the Promotion Vault family personally thank the Southwest Wildlife Center and its founder, Linda Searles, for all they have done. We wish them success in their current struggles and offer our support to see them continue their heartfelt and invaluable work.

"If you would like to join us in supporting the Southwest Wildlife Center, please visit their site at and also sign the petition at"


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