Free Tool to Check How Many Videos from Brands Fit Into Online Shops

New solution announced that will match live shops’ product pages with ecommerce videos on online video platform.

Berlin, Germany, March 17, 2016 --( The Berlin start-up DemoUp works with leading brands and providers to enable the integration of product videos into online shops. The company has just announced a new ecommerce video scanner that has been developed for online merchants to use. The solution scans the product pages on live shops and shows how many matching videos exist within DemoUp’s online video platform.

First tool that matches products on live shops to videos on DemoUp’s online platform

There are many product videos that have been created by brands, but it can be difficult for online merchants to have a good overview of how many brand videos are available to be integrated into their online shops. The ecommerce video scanner was developed as a solution to this problem, with the aim of helping online shops to identify the brand videos that are available to be integrated into their product pages.

The ecommerce video scanner is the first tool of its kind to be created by DemoUp. It works by scanning an online shop’s products, then matching these products with corresponding videos stored in DemoUp’s online video platform. When scanning is complete, it displays the number of matching videos that DemoUp has for the shop. It also displays the number of the shop’s brands with videos and the estimated conversion uplift for viewers.

More online shops are choosing to integrate ecommerce videos

The ecommerce video scanner was developed to assist online shops who are planning to integrate ecommerce videos into their product pages. The solution allows ecommerce merchants to make a more informed decision about whether it would be better for them to produce their own ecommerce video, or to upload a video that has been created by a brand. By seeing how many existing brand videos correspond to their own products, each online seller can decide which would be the most cost effective decision based on the individual requirements of their shop.

The feature has been released just 2 weeks after DemoUp published a study revealing that ecommerce videos can increase conversion rates by up to 71.3%. According to Thomas Müller, co-founder and CEO of DemoUp, the video scanner will make it easier for online shops to make the most of the advantages of ecommerce videos that were outlined within the study.

Shops can now click to scan their whole website for matching videos

The ecommerce video scanner is now online and available for all online merchants to use to find out how many videos correspond to their products. For the feature to work, online retailers need to enter their shop domain and an email address and their shop will be scanned. The scanner is live on and is free or charge for everybody to use.
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