Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages to Launch New Program to Fill the Gap in Buddhist Language Training

Berkeley, CA, March 17, 2016 --( Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages (MRC) is pleased to announce the launch of the first-ever Post-Baccalaureate Program in Buddhist Languages and Translation Studies (PBL), a program designed to train future Buddhist Studies scholars who lack the required training in a canonical Buddhist language to pursue graduate studies. The program will also benefit anyone who wants to deepen his or her understanding of the Buddhist tradition, or to gain a deeper understanding of how to prepare to translate Buddhist texts. Students can focus their language study on either classical Sanskrit or classical Tibetan. The program begins June 27, 2016, with a Summer Language Intensive that can also be taken independently.

Luis Gómez, the Academic Director of MRC, designed the program with the intent of “filling a gap in undergraduate training in Buddhist Studies and creating a bridge for students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in the study of Buddhism.” Dr. Gomez created the the Buddhist Studies Program at the University of Michigan, and was its director for 20 years.

The year-long program includes the following elements:

Summer Language Intensive (Beginning Level), followed by a year-long program
Course in Buddhist Studies
Post Baccalaureate Seminar

It will include intensive workshops led by outstanding visiting scholars.

About MRC: Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages conducts ongoing research into the languages of the Buddhist written tradition and offers programs, classes, institutes, and conferences that explore how Buddhist teachings can best be communicated in the West. Visit MRC’s website to learn more about the PBL and other programs.
Mangalam Research Center
Jack Petranker, MRC Director