NETed Announces $1 Million Worth of Grants for Online Colleges & Training Providers

NETed, Inc. CEO Senthil Kumar announces the launch of the NEED 2008 Grant offering up to 50% E-Learning Technology funding for qualified Online Universities, Colleges & Training Providers

Diamond Bar, CA, January 04, 2008 --( NETed Inc., CEO Senthil Kumar announced today the launch of the NEED 2008 grant (NETed E-Learning for Educational Deployment) offering up to 50% funding for e-Learning technology solutions for Online Universities, Colleges and Training Providers in 2008. ‘NEED 2008’ subsidizes an individual school’s initial expense for the process of acquiring online learning platform, content development needs and related technologies, while maximizing its return on investment (ROI). A low risk venture into E-Learning technology and delivery, the grant favors small and medium sized schools and training providers by reducing their start up cost.

Structured as a customized program, `NEED 2008’ provides individual online academic/training schools with –
- Virtual classroom and collaboration tools to enhance the learning experience
- Interactive learning content for knowledge delivery.

Upon announcing the launch of `NEED 2008’ program, Senthil B. Kumar, President & CEO, NETed Inc. stated, “Deploying a distance education and learning model (DEL) using the latest eLearning technologies is now a vital strategy for all colleges and universities to ensure success in this web 2.0 savvy academic and business community. `NEED 2008’ is designed to enhance emerging and established career colleges and institutions of higher learning.”

Further, he stressed the importance of digital interactive learning, which is rapidly gaining an important position in online business with the next generation learners becoming presumably particular about newer learning experiences such as built-in synchronous learning tools, web conferencing and live simulations. “An E-Learning solution in today’s context can take care of both trainers and learners. It should be designed to facilitate easy course delivery and administration in an all-in-one user experience. At NETed, our primary goal is to assist training vendors and institutions to launch complete E-Learning solutions with built-in content out of the box in turn around time,” he added.

`NEED 2008’ & Benefits:
During the year 2007, NETed Inc. awarded technology grants worth up to $600,000 to various schools, as part of its NEED program. Clients who were provided aid in the last year include The California University of Technology, American Atlantic University and LPO Consulting, to name a few.

`NEED 2008’ offers two unique program benefits for higher education institutions. First, EduTechnology (iLearning) offers powerful 3rd generation learning and content technologies, by designing, managing, and implementing education and learning infrastructure for global delivery. The second, EduMarketing (iMarketing), focuses on international student recruitment by designing and managing effective eMarketing campaigns for partners and agents.

“As a completely online school, working with NETed and receiving the NEED grant was vital to our ability to deliver quality instruction to our students faster, better, and on a much shorter timeline than we initially anticipated. We were able to select the tools and content from their library, choose customizations, and deliver as fully developed online environment to students without having to invest in a large and expensive infrastructure and without having to go to the time and expense necessary to build all of that competency in-house. As a result, we saw a much better ROI than all of the alternative technologies and against building our own solutions, allowing us to enroll students at least a full year earlier than predicted. ” stated Brian Lee, Vice President Business Operations for California University of Technology.

Previous recipients of the NEED Grant have profited from the five key program benefits: Ability for Online schools to rapidly deploy 3rd Generation eLearing Technology solutions, Access to 1000 plus pre-packaged content areas (IT, marketing, soft skills, etc.), Service and support from Sun Microsystems Finance, with monthly services are as low as $3,000. Also the NEED grant offers up to 100% Grant on Sun Server & NETed UX Digital Campus Solution and finally NETed will co-invest up to 50% on E-Learning course development.

Online universities, colleges and training providers can apply for the NEED 2008 Grant starting January 2008.

About NETed Inc.:
NETed is an established leader in Elearning & Internet Marketing Services, headquartered in Diamond Bar, California. It offers end-to-end service led solutions with a major focus on Integrated College Solutions [iAdmissions, iMarketing, iLearning, and iDEAL eLibrary] and related services. Over the last decade, the NETed Group has been offering innovative EduTech solutions to Universities, Educational Institutions as well as Large and Medium-sized Corporations. NETed’s Corporate Adaptive Learning (CAL) Framework, a techno-business consulting solution, has been adopted by many corporations across various industries. NETed’s Solutions spectrum include NILE – NETed Integrated Learning Environment, iCORE – Integrated Collaboration & Real-time Elearning, and Lead2Start – Leads and Admissions Management System. NETed provides its clients with a unique advantage of providing learning technologies, end-to-end service led solutions, high quality – low cost support and custom content development services, all under one roof. Over the years Sun Microsystems and NETed have built and developed a strategic relationship that enables NETed to efficiently design and develop enterprise scale solutions that are reliable, secure, inexpensive, highly available and offer significant value to its customers.

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