Waterproof Enclosures and Cut-to-Length Cable Among New Phidgets Accesories

Calgary, Canada, March 18, 2016 --(PR.com)-- This week, Phidgets Inc. has released a new wave of hardware accessories aimed toward providing customers with a more complete solution for building their electronic projects. The new accessories include project enclosures, cut-to-length multiconductor cable and hook-up wire, circular cable connectors, and waterproof mechanical switches.

The project enclosures are all waterproof, and provide a large space for users to mount several Phidgets in a secure way. Cable glands provide a means to bring cables in and out of these enclosures, and cable connectors can be used to create detach points to increase portability of these project enclosures. Now that Phidgets sells cut-to-length cable and wire, highly customized applications are possible without having to shop elsewhere. The new waterproof switches are robust and come in a several variants that make them suitable for human input or as limit switches.

Lately, Phidgets Inc. has been expanding their selection of accessories, especially simple items like wire and mounting brackets. CEO Chester Fitchett remarked, “The philosophy of Phidgets is to eliminate as much of the physical complexity from the user’s project as possible, so they can focus on the programming. However, in reality there are a lot of projects that require complex wiring and customized enclosures, and this new wave of accessories brings us closer to supporting these projects.”

These new accessories represent a push towards a broader selection of how Phidgets can be used and implemented into systems. Support engineer Brian Burley notes that customers to check back often, as there are many new products scheduled for release in 2016.

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