Through His Book, “Live for Today,” Author Advocates Against Bullying and to Promote Hope, Crowdfunding Campaign to be Launched This Spring for Forthcoming Feature Film

Joe Barfield’s book, “Live for Today” is a story, in part about what he experienced during high school in the 1960's. It is a "coming of age" story, consisting of Texas high school football, and a whole lot of faith, and hope.

Katy, TX, March 18, 2016 --( Author and screenwriter, Joe Barfield is described by his peers as a “creative storyteller” who has led an adventurous life. Barfield states, “the most important thing I ever did was to raise my children. I was 'mister mom' before it was popular.” He likes adventure. His book entitled, “Formula 2000, the Dream” is a book where every chapter depicts actual racing stories that he or his son, well-known race car driver, Beaux Barfield experienced firsthand. Barfield stated in an interview last fall that he loves children and animals, and he “makes it a point,” continued Barfield, “to include at least one child or animal as a character in each of his books.” He takes real life depictions, matters of the heart, and creates engaging fictional stories, wanting each book, by its conclusion to provide a message of hope for his readers. This is the actual consensus according to those who know his stories first hand and his abilities in storytelling. “Live for Today” is about what happened to Barfield in high school in terms of much of the content. One of the main characters in the book is Marilyn. Barfield states, “I dated her when I was 18. She was beautiful.” The book “Live for Today” is a faith based story written to prevent suicide and and to encourage bullies to stop being cruel in their words and to look for the immense good in themselves and others always. One must another build up and never tear down.

The story “Live for Today,” both the forthcoming feature film production and the novel are an effort to demonstrate that there is always hope and with faith anything can be overcome. “Brightest days often occur following one’s darkest days, one just needs to hold on, as better days present themselves always,” Barfield continues, “in terms of the message of the book, it’s to inspire hope, that things do get better, and that suicide is not ever the answer.”

“Live for Today” is available for download on both and and is available in its paperback edition on both sites. It is also available on Barfield incorporates characters who are relatable, as well as noteworthy. In terms of Barfield recalling high school in the 60s, in his novel “Live for Today” he recounts time spent with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, as he is a character in the book. Barfield and Gibbons attended high school together, Gibbons graduating a year after Barfield. Barfield produced his first film production based on the novel, “Live for Today” on a modest budget and premiered the film in Katy, TX, working with mostly high school students who were involved as talent and production staff. Many of the youth in town, very dedicated to the cause and the story, stepped forward to be a part of the production. The website is

Barfield stated in a recent interview, he has plans to develop “Live for Today” into a full length feature film. Pre-production to begin at some point in 2016. He indicated possibly bringing back some of the same cast from the low budget, yet high quality feature that was filmed and distributed in Katy, TX based on the novel. The forthcoming feature, yet to be produced, will be distributed at least domestically and through the film festival circuit, as it is an important film to be made considering the positive message it gives many who may be struggling. It tells a story that many will find relatable. “It will help them to know all can be overcome” and that there is always hope. A portion of proceeds from book and / or download sales, will be contributed to the forthcoming “Live for Today” film project. There will be a crowdfunding campaign launched sometime this spring by well known social justice advocate, animal advocate, an anti-bullying ambassador and film producer/director/actress, Lisa Pellegrene.

Barfield has completed nine novels and nine scripts to date. His script, “The Company” won best script in a fan based best story contest. His websites are, and He plans to include, “Live for Today” feature film updates for the forthcoming features on both websites. Barfield resides with his lovely wife in Katy, TX.

Press release prepared by Publicist/Media Relations contact Lisa Pellegrene. Ms. Pellegrene is a social justice advocate and an ambassador/spokesperson for the anti-bullying organization, Rise and Stand. Ms. Pellegrene is an international animal advocate, a four year vegan, Director of Pittie’s Angel's, and the Southern California Branch of Mid-West Rottweiler Rescue. She is also the Director/Chairperson of the Santa Monica Branch of ALL/Women’s Economic Forum (NGO), a global organization with women ambassadors worldwide, who stand for empowerment for all, and to be a sense of encouragement and strength for others. There will be a crowdfunding campaign launched sometime this spring by Ms. Pellegrene on behalf of Barfield and the forthcoming film production, “Live for Today.” In addition to being a well known social justice advocate, animal advocate/vegan, an anti-bullying ambassador, she is a film producer/director/actress and publicist/journalist and has operated a consulting practice based in Los Angeles for the past 15 years to effectively assist philanthropists, filmmakers, authors, talent, artists and entrepreneurs. Media who would like to interview Barfield or who have questions about this release, please contact Publicist/Media Relations Contact, Lisa Pellegrene via email at
Lisa Pellegrene Publicist for Joe Barfield