First National Short Term Care Insurance Sales Training Webinar Announced by NAC-STC

The first national sales training webinar hosted by the National Advisory Center for Short Term Care will help insurance agents discover how to market and sell short term care solutions.

Los Angeles, CA, March 19, 2016 --( Most Americans have never heard about short term care insurance as a way to fund long-term care needs or fill gaps in Medicare coverage. To educate insurance agents about the role of these products, the National Advisory Center for Short Term Care will conduct the first of its ongoing series of agent training webinars.

"Short term care insurance is a highly affordable way for seniors to protect against costs not covered by Medicare or costs of care in their homes and even in nursing homes," explains Jesse Slome, director of the National Advisory Center for Short Term Care (NAC-STC), a national advocacy and educational organization. "Americans have heard of long-term care insurance but chances are they've never been talked to about short term care insurance, which is gaining popularity as an affordable option."

The national short term care insurance expert will be the keynote speaker as part of the organization's first marketing and sales training webinar scheduled for next week. "The first step in building a successful STC industry is educating agents and that is something I am committed to achieving," Slome.

The National Advisory Center for Short Term Care was established to created heightened awareness among consumers and support insurance professionals who market short term care insurance products. For more information visit the organization's website at
Short Term Care Insurance National Advisory Council
Jesse Slome