PATECCO Launches New Identity and Access Management Tool

Herne, Germany, March 25, 2016 --( PATECCO, an international company with a 20 years’ experience with IAM, Governance risk and compliance and Cloud Access Control, announced the launch of three new identity tools. They are all designed for managing access to applications and data by employees and partners from multiple devices and locations, without compromising security.

Through the innovative solutions Patecco aims to simplify the authentication, access review, access request, and single sign-on processes. The identity management process is automated and allows organizations to ensure that compliance, business, and efficiency demands are met.

The benefits of Office 365 Custom Management Agent refer to automated procedures, providing tools to improve quality and effectiveness of the business process, Identity analytics and effectively reduced access-related risks. The solution also speeds up access to applications, provides user-friendly step-up authentication options for users’ own devices.

The other tool Office 365 Sync Service - part of the company’s identity management platform, simplifies user access governance across the organization. Thanks to the ease of access to information and its transparency in the cloud, the employee productivity and business agility increase.

For sustainable compliance, enterprises can automate monitoring, certification and reporting of user entitlements by utilizing Share Point Security Analyser. It also helps for reducing the risk of unauthorised access in the cloud system.

All successfully implemented systems are based on the latest technologies in Identity and Access Management, Security and Information. They follow the specifics of industries, optimize business processes, reduce costs and contribute to the creation of business value for companies.

PATECCO runs an international consulting team of IAM experts who provide sustainable IAM and Cloud solutions related to different kind of business software applications and hardware infrastructure. Multiple projects in different time zones or intercontinental are its daily business. Companies from various business sectors (Financial and insurance, Pharma and Chemical, Energy, Automobile, Technology and telecommunication) trusted PATECCO which successfully implemented IAM systems for more than 300.000 identities.
Ina Nikolova