Utah-Based Startup Findd Announces Launch

Provo, UT, March 25, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Utah-based startup Findd announced today the launch of its software business focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance employee productivity. Initially targeting facial recognition and location technology for mobile workers, the goal of Findd is to apply AI in new and useful ways to remove many of the mundane tasks currently required of employees.

Findd is solving the problems many companies face such as countless employee hours wasted tracking time through paper or digital means which are inaccurate, tedious, and encourage fraud. Mobile workers are left with few options to track locations more precise than GPS can allow but with Findd every mobile phone or tablet becomes a powerful and easy to use tool that can utilize what the company is calling 3D microlocations – low energy bluetooth beacons that can be placed on a jobsite, or in a multi-story office building or in a home to provide accuracy not available previously.

In yesterday’s world, job costing data, central to properly managing any workforce, was estimated and recorded without the benefits and accuracy provided by automated sensors and systems. Findd is creating practical solutions focused on learning-based facial recognition, 3D microlocations, and eventually deep-learning-based AI, all utilizing existing mobile devices to conduct activity analysis. With these practical AI solutions Findd is solving many of the most costly and fraud-prone employee activities in business today, which will free people to focus on solving the most challenging problems their companies face.

Findd’s two founders, Tom Loveland and Ryan Johnson, go back 16 years working together in the software industry. For the past several years, Tom has been involved in creating a revolutionary facial recognition system on mobile devices that has seen millions of successful transactions within that system. Ryan held leadership positions as head of product as well as traveled the world in a business development role.

Both share a passion for cutting edge technology, attention to detail, and innovation. Most importantly, they are passionate about motivating and inspiring people.

“Throughout our professional careers, we have learned something about ourselves; we see our greatest goal as creating an environment of autonomy, mastery and purpose with those that we work with. In addition, our goal is to continue to provide revolutionary technology that will help make employees more efficient and get them away from doing the mundane tasks easily accomplished by a machine—to the creative and self-directed tasks that truly make themselves and the organizations they work for successful,” said Loveland.

Johnson added, “We are motivated to see incredibly sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence, deployed and adopted by people in their everyday lives to better themselves and the world. This is why Findd was founded, we are an AI company focused on helping people with practical, real world solutions.”

For more information, contact:

Ryan Johnson
(801) 380-2486
Ryan Johnson
+1 801 380 2486