Robert Simmons, Artist, Creates Artistic Steel Designs for Residential & Commercial Use

Robert Simmons, Owner of Invictus Steelworks and Juried Artist has released over 20 new designs so far this year. The pieces include one major work of art, tabletop sculptures, steampunk/industrial lighting, as well as indoor fountains and several pieces of of functional art.

Farr West, UT, March 25, 2016 --( Robert Simmons is a Juried Artist, and the Owner of Invictus Steelworks, based near Salt Lake City, Utah. He specializes in custom artistic steel designs for commercial and residential applications. In the past three months, Robert has designed and fabricated over twenty new pieces, including one major work, several tabletop sculptures, various pieces of Industrial Chic lighting, and more. Many of his items are for sale on Etsy.

Robert's latest major work is a large steel sculpture depicting earth-centric universe, called Model 816. In the year 816, leading astronomers and scientists of the day believed that the planets revolved around the earth, hence the name.

Prior to Invictus Steelworks, Robert traveled the country as a pipeline welder, did erection welding and built bridges. For five years, he was a crab fisherman in Alaska, on the Bering Sea. In 2015, at 44 years old, he decided to pursue his dream of being a steel artist. He has no formal training in Fine Arts, but was born with a natural, raw talent to build beautiful things. Many of his pieces begin as a piece of steel plate, which he cuts freehand with a plasma cutter, and forms by hand into the shape he desires. Nothing is machined.

Robert is available for commissioned work, consulting and design work. Questions? Contact
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