TRUProteins Develops Nurish All-Natural Nutrition Powder to Compliment Protein Powders

This blend adds a whole food vitamin component, healthy fats from coconut oil, and slow release healthy carbs from a blend of organic ancient grains. Boost the nutritional level of your smoothies with a convenient new powder product.

Wilmington, NC, March 30, 2016 --( TRUProteins, the nutritional products company known for its NutraWhey and NutraPlant product lines, today announced the launch of an all-natural nutrition powder named Nurish.

Designed for use in companionship with NutraWhey Grass-Fed Whey or NutraPlant Vegan-Blend protein powder in a great tasting smoothie, Nurish adds whole food vitamins, healthy fats and slow-release carbohydrates. It increases the thickness of a smoothie to the consistency of a milkshake and provides the vitamin benefits of adding fresh fruit & vegetables without the hassle of frequent shopping to keep a stock of fresh produce on hand, and the wasteful spoilage that often occurs with produce.

"The Nutra products are almost perfect," said Jason Walter, founding partner and product developer at TRUProteins. "They include the highest quality proteins with freeze dried coconut water and purest stevia as sweeteners. They are rich and creamy, lightly texturized using flax & chia that add Omega 3 fatty acids, and depending on the formula, have a prebiotic and probiotic or digestive enzyme.

"But I felt that NutraWhey and NutraPlant needed a vitamin component and I could not find the exact blend of vitamins that met my standards for absorption. It took two years to develop this Nurish whole foods vitamin blend worthy of the TRUProteins brand."

One serving of Nurish contains 50% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of select whole food vitamins and is equal to 4.5 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables. TRUProteins uses a no heat, natural method to extract vitamins from fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, then tests the blend to verify vitamin content. The addition of coconut oil provides a healthy fat, and organic ancient grains such as oat bran, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet and chia give an energy boost from slow-release carbohydrates.

Nurish all-natural nutrition powder, NutraWhey Grass-Fed Whey protein powder and NutraPlant Vegan-Blend protein powder are available for purchase on

TRUProteins is an innovative nutritional products company that distinguishes itself in the crowded industry by approaching product design through artisan craftsmanship, similar to how artisan coffee and craft beer brewers are redefining their industries. Unmatched tastes, textures and nutritional levels in products are achieved through intense attention to formulation, research and development with novel natural components, and use of only the highest quality ingredients and methods.

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