New Free Software Answers Power Plant Cycling Causality Questions

New free downloadable software, from Renewable Impacts LLC, can distinguish between renewables, system load, exports and other drivers that can cause power plants to move up and down or cycling.

Littleton, CO, April 01, 2016 --( Renewable Impacts (RI) announced today that it is releasing "eRECC Lite 2.0," a free, leading-edge, power plant cycling causality software model able to identify what drives power plant to cycle. This robust cycling causality analysis tool answers the question of cycling causality via a unique assessment of hourly energy loads and production within a balancing authority.

eRECC Lite 2.0 is a simplified version of the full-featured cycling causality model developed by RI to analyze over 100 fossil-fueled power plants in the CAISO balancing authority. The free model is a fully functioning analysis tool intended to assist policy makers evaluating the causality or cause and effect of power plant cycling. This free software can be downloaded at RI offers comprehensive eRECC training to support customer expansion and customization of the model.

"Power plant cycling is an increasing, expensive and disruptive operating mode and it is a concern for all who own and operate today's critical power plants. Our free eRECC LITE software can identify power plant cycling drivers so owners can put sound operating strategies in place," said James R. Schetter, President of Renewable Impacts LLC. Mr. Schetter added, "As free software, you have the freedom to run, copy, distribute and improve our eRECC Lite 2.0 software as you wish. There are no annual fees attached to this software. A small delivery fee is required for each model downloaded from our web site."

RI's eRECC Standard training service is available in Denver, Colorado and is designed to privately train enterprise teams of up to 10. In addition to the standard 2 day training session, this package includes 5 hours of phone/e-mail supplemental training and RI's validation data set to help customers test their eRECC customized models. Additional information on RI eRECC training services can be found at

About Renewable Impacts LLC
Renewable Impacts is an energy publishing company in Littleton, CO leading the way in power plant cycling causality research, reporting and software. The company's cycling causality impact products provide customers with analytic electric system analysis and competitive intelligence. Renewable Impacts was founded by James R. Schetter, an accomplished and published energy professional with a 40 year history of utilizing strong analytic and interpersonal skills to evaluate energy impacts in the utility sector.
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