New Designs of Salwar Kameez Suits Now Available Online

Delhi, India, April 03, 2016 --( A brand new set of salwar kameez suits which are perfect for the summer season have just been launched by Yepme on their website at The suits come in various sizes, colors, and designs. These are also available for both men and women. Online shoppers can simply visit the Yepme website, register to create an account, browse through the available suits online, and make their purchases with just a few clicks of the mouse button. The website has made it easy for shoppers to make an order. All the salwar kameez suits featured on the shop have detailed descriptions, photos, as well as prices to guide the shopper.

Salwar kameez suits are very popular in India and other South Asian countries. After all, it's a traditional outfit that has its origins in the region. The great thing about these suits is that they come in different styles and these can be worn by men and women. The suit basically has two components. There are the pantaloons or drawers which serve as the lower body garment and then there's the body shirt. They are easy to wear and easy to wash. During the launching of the new designs by Yepme, the online retailer announced that their new offering feature designs that navigate between ethnic and modern designs.

There are a lot of reasons why people buy salwar kameez online. First of all, there's the fact that it's more convenient. All that a shopper does is visit the retail website and make an order. The item purchased will be shipped right to the buyer's doorstep in no time. It's very convenient and it can be very quick. Another good reason why online shopping is on the rise is that clothing being sold online are often cheaper. This is mostly because the retailers enter into direct deals with manufacturers and suppliers. With this setup, a lot of overhead costs like warehousing, rent expenses, and utilities expenses are cut down or totally eliminated. Due to this, online retailers like Yepme has the option to sell their clothing at much lower prices to online customers.

Yepme sells their salwar suits online at very affordable prices. Not only that, a lot of the items on sale are being offered at hugely discounted prices. Some of the discounts can go as high as 60% with some even approaching nearly 70%. The suits also come in various sizes. They are available in large, medium, small, and extra small sizes. A customer just have to pick his or her choice of size when making an order. The website will take care of the rest. Making a purchase is a breeze because all that the shopper has to do is pick an item then fill up the order form. Once the order form has been completed and submitted, Yepme will process it for handling and shipping.

When purchasing salwar kameez suits online from Yepme, customers are encouraged to browse through the site's extensive collection of designs. There are different types of suits available on the store. These include semi-stitched suits and ethnic Kurta suits. The suits are also made from varying materials such as blended, cotton, and crepe. These materials have different characteristics so shoppers are encouraged to decide which one of these are appropriate for them. When it comes to style, the salwar and kameez items are either printed, embroidered, flared, or solid. Some are specifically designed for casual occasions, some for parties, and some for cultural or ethnic events and gatherings.

Yepme aims to become one of the biggest online retailers of salwar kameez suits not only in India but in other regions as well. This is one of the reasons why the online store recently launched a new line of salwar kameez India suits with different designs. The market for these types of clothing continue to grow in leaps and bounds. It's also becoming more and more popular in the fashion industry. What Yepme wants to achieve is offer shoppers a lot of choices when it comes to design, sizes, and materials. Not only that, the items will be available at very affordable prices even with the shipping and handling costs included. Shoppers can view all the latest and fashionable salwar kameez suits at

About Yepme
Launched in August 2011, Yepme is India’s biggest online fashion brand, which services over 1000 cities monthly as against most offline retail fashion brands, which service only 75 cities. Yepme now delivers close to 500,000 units to its customers every month. Yepme’s mission is to democratize fashion in India. The brand targets style conscious men &women between the age group of 20-29 years, in India. The target segment has a high level of fashion awareness through TV, Internet and Movies and wants Fresh Fashion every day.

With a fan following of over 6.7 million on Facebook, has created benchmarks in the online fashion industry. It was rated as one of the 5 top start-ups to watch out for by Forbes, for revolutionizing e-commerce industry. Amongst fashion a brand, Yepme has one of the highest social engagements on Facebook and has been ranked as one of the top 20 fashion brands in the world (As per Stylophane). The brand was awarded “Web-only Brand of the Year” in 2014 by eTailing India.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, the company bears a strong foundation under the leadership of IIT, IIM alumni, Vivek Gaur (ex HUL), Sandeep Sharma (ex Accenture) and Anand Jadhav (ex Pantaloon). To know more about Yepme and online shopping please visit:
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