"Sane Spiritual Revival" Book Published by Telical Books

Telical Books of Seattle, Washington is releasing a new book on spiritual renewal called "Meditations on Christian Revival," by R.S. Pearson. Mr. Pearson has written three books previously that deal with problems in religious practice. This is one where spiritual fervor takes on a sane and helpful form.

Seattle, WA, April 15, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Telical Books of Seattle, Washington is releasing a new book on spiritual renewal by R.S. Pearson that he hopes will have some impact. One of his main concerns is what some are calling "post-Christian lands," and he takes issue with the phrase. The author, R.S. Pearson, says, "To say that the United States and Europe are 'post-Christian' is an error. These countries are still experiencing the beneficial effects of Christianity although it had been dwindling. Russia and some of Eastern Europe tried to be post-Christian and we saw how poorly that worked out."

Pearson takes the position that it's time to think turning back to God more might help the massive problems in the land today. He says, "It's only now that we've seen the results of the growing secularization in the last few years. We've lost the standard of living which we used to take for granted. Instead of being able to have a mother stay at home with her children, she is often now alone, and needing to work all day just to barely cover the bills. We have lost the virtue that used to be able to create jobs for the poor. Luxury is now seen as a virtue, but the pursuit of luxury is the very thing that bankrupts lottery winners and many celebrities in a matter of a few years. If America and Europe are post Christian, why aren't they like lands that formally did try to do away with Christianity and became a mess?"

Pearson has written the book "Meditations on Christian Revival" which takes a look at building up the lives of the people who need it the most. It tries to interject prayer instead of just resenting or pitying troubled people.

Pearson talks about in his book the development of a "revival consciousness" which can be seen as that state of mind that focuses every day on making the world around one more Christian. He also realized that he didn't want to lend his power to Christians who were not representing the true Christ of Christian history, which is one of love and service. Pearson says revival consciousness comes about by focusing on "atomistic theology" that is the creating the building blocks of Christianity in the culture around one.

Pearson thinks that instead of being sure these are the end times, maybe we should focus on soul winning instead. He states, "If we could help the people who are sure that these are the very last days before Jesus comes back, and teach them that instead of criticizing others they could use some methods I discuss in this book, they might develop more of a love for these hurting people and try to somehow make a Christian difference in their lives. They can start with just praying but soon they may find that they will have an opportunity to talk to them more."

Pearson comes from an educated background and has run many businesses including a software company and a rare book dealership. Pearson talks about the need to build love like it was a force of physics: "One thing I look at is the idea of an 'energy of love' that one can maintain throughout the day and which displaces other lesser things in life. Fear really can't live where love is and generally, neither can disempowerment, which many people are facing today," the author says.

Copies are available at Amazon.com and the Publisher's website at www.telicalbooks.com For a limited time, there is an extended abridged ebook version for free at the site.
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