Online Language Lessons with Native Speakers

Munich, Germany, April 06, 2016 --( The online career network Talenda focuses its business activities on giving online language lessons for English, German, Spanish and French.

The company had originally specialized in the international recruitment of employees. The experience had shown that insufficient language skills among new employees from abroad often are an obstacle to a successful career and a rapid integration. From this experience Talenda has developed a new business model which was launched successfully in january 2016.

The aim of Talenda Online Language School is to make language learning easier, more efficient and available to everybody at any time. Not every student can or wants to visit a school on site. The attendance of online language courses offers many advantages: No long journeys, no rigid school hours, a fast learning progress and lower costs.

The biggest motivation of Talenda is to support people in learning a new language and help their students to achieve their individual goals. All this combined with the advantages of flexible online classes and a high quality learning experience.

The private classes are tailored to the needs of each student and take place on a virtual learning platform or via Skype. Each lesson takes 45 minutes and is conducted by qualified native speaking teachers. The Talenda language tutors speak their mother tongue, which they teach, and also English and have a broad experience in conducting online courses. After a successful completion of each course, the participants receive an official certificate as proof of their obtained language skills.

The target group of Talenda are students worldwide: People who aim to learn a language for work, for school or university, for visa purposes, for holidays, emigration, as a hobby or for any other reason.

In addition to the currently offered German, English, Spanish and French language courses, Talenda plans to start teaching further languages ​​in the course of 2016.

About the company

Talenda is one of the leading online language schools. The company offers trainings in many living languages, in intercultural and management skills. Their programs are custom-designed to fit the specific needs of their clients, should they be large or small corporations, individuals, students or children.

Talenda believes in a world where communication has no barriers. Their training solutions are designed to overcome the boundaries for global communication such as time, place and cultural differences. A Talenda learner understands that communication goes way beyond languages and is qualified to speak with confidence.
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