WSI Priority Media, Search Engine Marketing Company in Ontario, California, Announces Website Development Specials

WSI Priority Media has announced a series of web development specials that eliminate the need for two vendors for site design and SEO, making WSI Priority Media the search engine marketing company Ontario, California companies trust.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, April 06, 2016 --( A successful digital marketing strategy hinges on search engine optimization, but even the most detailed SEO strategies fall apart when they are not backed by an optimized website. Many companies see their SEO strategies fail to meet projections because they contracted one business to build the site, and another to handle the SEO.

The new web development specials from WSI Priority Media involve a three-part process. First, WSI Priority Media performs a full evaluation of the site. The evaluation tells the marketing experts what the target market is for the site, and the best way to present information to those users. The marketers then work with the design team to build a site that flows intuitively from page to page.

The second step is a custom designed site. Sites from WSI Priority Media are quick loading, and ready to meet the demands of the mobile device marketplace. Experienced designers ensure the site has a custom look and feel that is unique to each company, and helps the brand stand out from competitors in the space.

Finally, WSI Priority Media provides analytics and SEO support that tracks vital information. Business owners know exactly how many visitors they had, how those visitors arrived, how long they spend on the site, and where they spend their time. Building on this information, the marketing experts can tailor marketing materials that promote the most popular aspects of the site, and create metrics for improving low performing aspects.

The end result is a site that ranks highly on the search engine rankings, with a positive user experience.

About WSI Priority Media

WSI Priority Media is a search engine marketing company Ontario, California business owners turn to as a single contractor to design, build, and optimize websites. Contact WSI Priority Media for details about special pricing.

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