Tangible IP Announces Completed Sale of Mobile Advertising Patent Portfolio

Seattle, WA, April 06, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Tangible IP, LLC, an international patent brokerage and Intellectual Property advisory firm headquartered in Seattle, with offices in San Francisco and Montreal, announced that it had successfully brokered the sale of the patent portfolio of inventor American Kenneth J. Kramer, LLC in the field of mobile advertising. The identity of the buyer and the financials of the agreement were not disclosed. Mr. Kramer is a marketer and inventor passionate about television marketing technology who came up in 2002 with the original idea to link remote control devices with advertising of nearby products and services in hospitality settings. The portfolio eventually evolved to a family of patents that cover other handheld devices, such as smart phones, and broader use scenarios. With this sale, the inventor will now have the opportunity to reap the rewards of his early innovations that have been widely embraced by the industry.

“We had tried to sell this portfolio before with another group, to no avail,” said inventor and patent owner Ken Kramer. “We were then referred to Tangible IP who completely redid the analysis and prepared detailed charts that showed that the industry had adopted our innovations. The also helped us with guidance and advice to improve some of our pending patents in order to broaden their appeal and scope. We now have a more complete portfolio that better reflects the breadth of our innovations. Tangible IP was also instrumental in negotiating a deal structure that now allows us to continue to benefit over time from our earlier contributions. We are very happy with the hard and high-quality work they have done for us and for the relentlessness in their efforts to see a transaction through until closing. We could not have made a better choice.”

“We feel rewarded every time we can help a small inventor receive just compensation for their inventions, like we just did for Mr. Kramer,” said Louis Carbonneau, Founder and CEO of Tangible IP. “Too many great innovations unfortunately cannot be commercialized by their inventors these days because of too high barriers to entry for most of them. It is paramount that patents -the way society acknowledges inventors’ contributions- continue to be transacted freely and that patent owners’ rights not be further eroded and devalued by the infringer lobby and misguided legislative attempts. The long-term consequences of removing the proper incentives for people who want to innovate should not be underestimated,” said Carbonneau.

Tangible IP, LLC specializes in selling high-quality unencumbered patents and has now brokered the sale of over 2000 patent assets since its inception and has returned tens of millions of dollars back to inventors, shareholders and patent owners.

About Tangible IP, LLC. Founded in 2011 by former Microsoft GM of IP & Licensing Louis Carbonneau, Tangible IP offers full-service patent brokerage and strategic IP advisory services. For more info, visit www.tangibleip.biz or contact us via email at info@tangibleip.biz or by phone at +1 (425) 868-9280.
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