ValueCentric Expands Specialty Data Quality and Performance Measurement Reporting Capabilities

Dashboards and reports are now available to Specialty manufacturer clients through the ValueTrak Platform.

Orchard Park, NY, April 07, 2016 --( ValueCentric, the industry leader in healthcare channel intelligence, today announced the release of a new suite of data quality and performance measurement dashboards and analytics. These advanced views were created in partnership with ValueCentric’s growing Specialty customer base to address urgent market needs. In addition to these quality and performance metrics, Specialty manufacturer customers rely on ValueCentric for data aggregation services, patient care analytics, receipt and de-identification of Protected Health Information (PHI), and other advanced analytic and consulting services. The new data quality performance dashboards and reports reinforce ValueCentric’s role as a trusted data management partner for the industry, providing a means to measure and ensure data quality as well as optimal performance for high-profile specialty drugs.

The reports measure key metrics such as: Status and Rx Counts, Data Completeness, Data Timeliness, Patient Status Aging, Time to Therapy, and other critical quality-related data elements. Armed with this new set of dashboards and reports, customers are alerted to potential concerns with their Specialty data partners, they can drill into specific details for a period, and work to correct any issues they find at the most granular levels. As part of their Specialty services, ValueCentric’s internal teams utilize these reports to proactively identify data quality outliers before the customer is impacted. These outliers or other issues that may arise are handled by the ValueCentric staff – communicating with Specialty Partners and ensuring the data is corrected and re-submitted to the manufacturer, per their individual contracts.

“With the introduction of these dashboards and reports, ValueCentric is further solidifying our offering in the Specialty marketplace. We have the ability to not only track product distribution through the many different, complex channels, but also provide detailed metrics on individual Specialty Pharmacy’s adherence to data contracts,” said John Giannouris, Vice President of Pharmacy Services at ValueCentric. “When we’re dealing with a Specialty drug, a single dosage can dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life (in some cases life or death) – so there’s a heightened need for patient tracking data to ensure patients in need are getting the care they require. Using the power of the ValueTrak Platform, manufacturers can easily get down to the record-level of this data to pinpoint data quality or performance issues and resolve them quickly,” said Giannouris.

In addition to providing these data quality dashboards and reports to manufacturers, ValueCentric can deliver quality metric reports to the Specialty Pharmacies (with prior consent from the manufacturer). Specialty Partners can subsequently monitor their data quality performance against the manufacturer’s Specialty Pharmacy network average and ensure they’re reporting with acceptable timeliness, data completeness, and accuracy as compared to other Specialty Partners. Future offerings to the market will include more performance metric reports, as well as a robust quality and performance reporting service for Specialty Pharmacies – ensuring data quality and contract performance is front of mind for all members of the Specialty channel.

About ValueCentric:
ValueCentric is the leader in multi-channel intelligence, data management and analytic solutions for the healthcare industry. The company receives, validates, aggregates, and integrates data across the specialty distribution network - providing high quality data and analytics for all stakeholders. Their cloud-based platform, ValueTrak provides an out-of-the-box, configurable solution that joins traditional channel data and specialty channel data delivering a complete view of the product and patient journey.
Jessica Bruyn