Dancing the Night Away

Asbury Arts and Antiques Show 2007; Mother's Day weekend, 2008

Deal, NJ, January 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Heard of Trillium Antiques? What about Alice Shammah, nationally-renowned photographer? If not, you missed out on fabulous finds and fantastic photography at Trillium Antiques and Madison Marquette’s “Annual Asbury Park Antiques and Art Show & Sale,” Mother's Day weekend, 2008, plus last Oct., 2007. Convention Hall was the locale, with local press photographers such as The Coast Star and Madison Marquette preserving the memories in 2007 amidst stadium-style seating.

In 2008, Alice Shammah’s work was on display near the resplendent jet-black stage, whose atmosphere (in 2007) was set up with a nightclub effect/ husbands’ sitting area, complete with welcoming white chairs; pink overhead lighting; pulsating dance music; sports programs on televisions; pool tables; bar service; and shining chandeliers. Just off to the side (in 2007) was vendor Alice Shammah’s booth, equipped with a scarlet tablecloth, portfolios, and framed works of her art. Furthermore, 2008 attendees noticed Alice “‘has a special talent for capturing the sparkle and innocence of the’”…families and pets…“’in front of her lens. She adjusts her angles and lighting precisely to create artistic masterpieces that delight her clients.

In 1985, Alice turned her lifelong hobby into her craft…Proud of her success, Alice has not forgotten her modest beginnings. She gives back generously by donating portrait packages at fundraisers throughout the year.’” Above all, Alice’s ultimate hope is to inspire others, as she is so grateful to have been able to achieve her life-long dream. Being the kind-hearted individual she is, her desire is to help others achieve their dreams as well.

Alice has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of New Jersey for many years…As an artist, Alice is passionate about her work. Well-known in the New York metropolitan region, Alice has traveled on location worldwide. She enjoys the benefits of her studios, located in Brooklyn, New York; Deal, New Jersey and Miami, FL. Alice is also willing to go to a beach, a park or to your home in order to provide the most appropriate environment for the portrait or family grouping.’”

Ms. Shammah’s “‘studio specializes in hand-tinted, sepia tone, color and black and white portraits…also she uses many different medias to create a unique feeling to each portrait. ’”

A crowd of thousands brought home treasures they’ll adore for years to come. Alice Shammah and Trillium Antiques hope you will be there next time, savoring their offerings and dancing the night away (2007). Of course, there’s no need to wait until the next show to consult with Alice Shammah either, for she can be reached at 732-517-8577, or 718-375-0805. To view images of her talents, please go to www.AliceShammah.com, or www.AliceShammahPhotography.com


by Jayne Levy & N. Altschuler

Alice Shammah Photography
N. Altschuler