Announcing GIF Jockey, a New Way to Play with GIFs

Princeton, NJ, April 11, 2016 --( Montoya Industries is pleased to announce that their flagship product "GIF Jockey" is launching this summer for both mobile and desktop. A revolutionary new app for creating live visuals for music with GIFs, GIF Jockey allows anyone to become a VJ (Visual Jockey) with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Users can use any GIF from their computer or from the ever-expanding library on, and GIF Jockey will play that GIF at any tempo, using special algorithms that harmonize the animation with the rhythm of the music. Tailored for live performance, GIF Jockey also serves as a powerful tool for background visuals, making music videos, or even just playing around. A fully playable demo is already live on the web:

VJing today is still an esoteric art, with most VJ software requiring a computer science degree to even make sense of, and many professional options costing hundreds of dollars. GIF Jockey offers a simpler, but no less powerful, approach to VJing. It aims to democratize VJing in the same way that MP3s and digital DJ software democratized DJing. The goal is to introduce more people to the art of VJing with a fun platform that anyone, even children, can use.

Interested users can support the project right now on Kickstarter* -- for just $1, they can join the beta testers group and try the app a full month before it launches, and for just $9 they can get the premium version of the app on their platform of choice when it ships (over 50% off the launch price of $19.99). GIF Jockey will be a free app, with most of the features available in the free version. The premium version offers a handful of “power user” upgrades such as unlimited custom collections and a larger GIF bank that will be useful for serious VJs. Both the free and premium versions will continue to be developed and improved based on feedback from the community.

* GIF Jockey Kickstarter:


Preview video -
Dj CUTMAN using GIF Jockey live on Twitch -
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