Filthiest Party Game Ever Coming to Kickstarter

Filthy Mime, a new party game, launches Kickstarter campaign to fund first print run.

Miami, FL, April 13, 2016 --( You’re likely familiar with some version of an “adult” party game. You might even play the wildly popular Cards Against Humanity. And, in games often known for their twisted humor, you’ve seen that the favorite cards are typically the dirtiest. What if someone created a party game were all the cards were like that, and every card was as dirty as the worst those other games have to offer? That game is called Filthy Mime, and it might be the filthiest party game ever.

Launched this week on Kickstarter, the game combines the wholesomeness of classic charades with the most obscene words or phrases imaginable. Each card contains additional information often as shocking and hilarious as the words or phrases themselves. Wild cards have players completing different challenges and tasks, and revealing their deepest, darkest secrets to steal cards from each other. The player with the most cards wins.

Just how filthy is Filthy Mime? One video reviewer blurred out every card so as not to offend any viewers. Another said it possibly surpasses Cards Against Humanity as “the most suggestive, filthy game of it’s type.” It’s definitely NSFW (not safe for work) and certainly not a game for the little ones.

Unlike other games though, where the humor and shock come strictly from the cards’ content, in Filthy Mime, it’s the players’ actions that create the most laughs. The result is a game that Family and Games says is “guaranteed to make you laugh, [and] blush.”

The game’s creators hope to raise enough money on Kickstarter to fund the first print run. They are working with industry leaders AdMagic, the same suppliers who’ve worked with crowdfunded party games like Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity. Supporters will receive the game itself and, depending on their contribution level, a somehow-even-filthier expansion deck as well as other rewards.

Check out the party game for filthy minds yourself at and reserve your copy on Kickstarter today.

Filthy Mime is a new party game launching through Kickstarter. For more information, email Danny Gonzalez at
Filthy Mime
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