TDrive Launches Puffs, an Adorable Connecting Puzzle Game, on Play Store

Taguig, Philippines, April 14, 2016 --( TDrive launches Puffs, a free-to-play connecting puzzle game, on Google Play. The game features adorable and colorful characters called Puffs in a strategic connecting puzzle for casual game players.

Puffs is a group of six adorable furry ball characters each with a different color – violet, blue, green, pink, yellow, and red. The story behind the game is that these characters have mysteriously appeared in the attic creating too much dust. The only way to get rid of them is to connect characters with similar colors vertically or horizontally to completely clean them out.

The game offers fun, challenging, and addicting levels with varying difficulties. There will be levels where the players need to break rocks and ice covering the characters. Other levels present Puffs with fire that needs to be eliminated. There will also be obstacles on some levels where the players will be prevented from connecting Puffs with similar colors.

There are power ups in the game that the players can use to help them in their game experience. Players can use Shrinker in which they can remove one Puffs of their choice except those affected with fire. Another power up they can use is Vacuum wherein they can remove all Puffs with similar color of their choice.

Players can also connect the game to their Facebook account for sharing and to see the score of their friends. The game can be installed to devices with Android operating systems version 2.3.3 to 4.2.

"Puffs not only pushes your brain in thinking in terms of what the next possible move might be, but it also helps for color recognition and promotes advanced planning as well,” is what Justin Sun, the game designer of Puffs, said about the concept behind his game.

Puffs is available for free and can be downloaded at Google Play by following this link:

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