iMindQ 8 is Here, Bringing Unique Transformation of MS PowerPoint Presentations Into Remarkable Mind Maps

The only mind mapping solution for Windows that transforms linear PowerPoint presentations into powerful mind maps.

Malmoe, Sweden, April 14, 2016 --( Seavus, an international software development and consulting company, announces the latest release of iMindQ Desktop version 8.0, for Windows and Mac, introducing new and unique import of MS PowerPoint presentations to mind maps and providing an interactive way to collaborate on ideas with HTML mind maps that can be shared, re-edited and saved from any browser. The release also includes options for tabular organization of information, export to .odt file format and synchronization features of the Mac version with iCalendar and Reminders apps on iOS.

Transform linear MS PowerPoint presentations to mind maps

iMindQ 8.0 for Windows simplifies the creation of mind maps with content from PowerPoint presentations. With the new import option, users are able to create a powerful visual effect from their linear presentations in PowerPoint, by importing their contents into a mind map in iMindQ. Mind map presentations provide an overview of the entire topic, regardless of the number of PowerPoint slides that are imported, making it easier to see the big picture.

The only mind mapping software with Interactive and browser editable HTML mind maps

The latest release introduces a whole new collaborative experience to users, by providing an option to save mind maps in HTML format that can be modified and saved within any web browser. Users can trigger valuable and interactive feedback from their recipients, by sending HTML mind maps that provide the recipient with an effective means for adding ideas directly from a web browser, save the mind map, and send it back or share it on websites or social networks.

Tabular data representation to improve visualization

The new release brings improvements in regards to the tabular representation of information, providing custom properties for emphasizing major characteristics of an idea, concept or object. Users can also use multiple boundaries to visualize groups of elements with similar or characteristic attributes and project planners can enjoy a new look of the task information, where they can seamlessly edit the information when creating project plans.

Export to .odt file format

The mind map content can be exported as Open Document Text (ODT) file, which can be opened by most text editors, so users will be able to finalize the document within a desired text editor and can always reference to the logical connection visible in their mind map.

Synchronization with iCalendar and Reminders for Mac users

In the iMindQ 8.0 Mac version, users can easily organize and stay on track with reminders for planned activities and events across their Mac and iOS devices. The new feature enables synchronization of tasks, to-do lists, planned meeting and events with iCalendar and Reminders.

Moreover, the Mac version is updated for the latest OS X El Capitan.

Users can try iMindQ for Windows or Mac by downloading the free 15-day trial version on the following link:

To learn more about iMindQ 8.0, visit

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