McKerns Development Announces Blog--Insider Commentary on Strategic Press and PR for Business

McKerns Development, specializing in strategic press and PR, announces their blog hosted on their website. Fresh content--attracting and growing your business by strategically using relevant PR in your marketing mix. The firm’s services include strategic press, PR and business marketing designed to highlight and promote a firm’s business objectives.

West Palm Beach, FL, January 08, 2008 --( McKerns Development, a West Palm Beach, Florida based strategic marketing, press and public relations firm, announces the 2008 McKerns Development Blog, hosted at with insider commentary on strategic Press and PR for business. The new content is written by Leslie McKerns, owner of McKerns Development, and a veteran strategic publicist.

Recent McKerns Development Blog Entries include:

• Fear is the New Black – It’s the Latest Must Have and you’ll have it too Sunday is a great day for business news. It’s as if the reporters keep mum on the good stuff all week so they’ll have something to stun us with as the opening bell rings for Monday.

• PR Advice for 2008 -- Top Two Tips for Increasing Your PR Profile in 2008
• The Year of Secondary Marketing Opportunities
• Creative Marketing --The Summit at 30,000 Feet
• How to Find Your Passion and Make it a New Career - The Wall Street Way
• Blogging for Business
• Camaraderie—Answer to the Multifamily Meltdown?

• Brand Extensions and Disruptive Technology Last month I worked with a fascinating client, responsible for billions of dollars in sales through brand extension. Brand extension (and licensing) is the process of taking an established band into uncharted territory and capturing new audiences and revenues as a result.

• Building a Brand or Banishing a Brand?
• Marketing for Architects - It's an Art and a Science Marketing for Architects is an Art and a Science. It’s an art because, architecture is not merely a practical field, it’s an artistic one. Architecture combines the passion of fine art with a set of deliverables – that will one day be not only a building, but an organic form where living, breathing people will go to learn, think, live, work and play. But, when Architects go to market their services, they are like the first kid in a sand box – alone with just a bucket and a shovel.

• Architects and Contractors Unable to see Problems After all, for the architect nothing is a problem. It is simply a matter of program (how many people do you want to house in this building on this site, and how will they need to interact?), budget and timetable. For the Contractor it is simply a matter of “We’ll need this schedule of manpower, machinery and time in order to produce the results you seek.” Surprisingly, Architects and Contractors see none of the magic that goes into their work.

• Positive PR Without the Pain How come all the same guys are getting all the press? And, how come you keep seeing the same names quoted as sources?
• End of the Year Fear

McKerns Development Press and PR, Strategic Press and PR, Marketing and Business development works with companies to increase their visibility, reach the right customers and build business. Clients include marina, resort and club developers, developers of high rise, resort, marina, urban mixed use projects, interior design companies, architectural firms in high rise, condo/hotel mixed use and urban and luxury markets, the technical services of engineering and land planning, as well as medical professionals, advertising and media, public companies, organizations and non-profits.

Leslie McKerns is the author of the e-books, Winning at Business - Toolbox for Marketing and PR, and the companion workbook, available on the website. The books will take you step by step - opening a new business, expanding a business, preparing for retirement, transition or sale, all expected stages in the lifecyle of a business. You'll learn what to do and when, whether you have staff to implement your plans or not – with action plans and step by step instructions.

McKerns Development was part of a team recently nominated for the Bernays Award for Excellence in Public Relations. The annual Edward L. Bernays Awards honoring excellence in PR is named for the founder of modern public relations, and is the most prestigious award in the public relations/marketing community.
The firm’s services include strategic press and business marketing designed to highlight and promote a firm’s business objectives, branding and media campaigns, promotional events; handling vital company image details such as press releases, feature stories, media and internet relations.

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