Light Book Publishers Releases New Title for National Poetry Month: "LOVE, Poems of Longing"

This newest poetry book is released in recognition of National Poetry Month. "LOVE, Poems of Longing" is written by Nikos Linardakis and shares thirty poems, illustrated in four parts.

New York, NY, April 18, 2016 --( Light Book Publishers announces the newest poetry book in recognition of National Poetry Month, "LOVE, Poems of Longing," written by Nikos Linardakis, who shares thirty poems, illustrated in four parts.

Linardakis’ book is celebrated during this year’s National Poetry Month, which highlights American poets and their unique works during this 20th anniversary as one of the largest literary celebrations in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, authors, booksellers and poets.

A recent member to the Academy of American Poets, renown author Nikos Linardakis shared thoughts during a dynamic reading from his new book, “I wish to build an intimacy between the poet, the reader and life. With this bond of poetry, as natural medicine, I hope to warm your heart and move your soul.”

The book is being shared with author appearances, café readings, and encouraging book lovers to memorize favorite poems that resonate among all.

A few poems from the collection of LOVE Poems of Longing, include La Magie de Paris, Friends Pair with Intimacy, Love Has No Scenery, Metanoia, Self-Sacrifice, and Philotimo bring together the spirits of family, the person, moments and life. As symbolic and vivid images of life, love and passion, this collection of poems shares a tradition of poet laureates. Its Hellenic influence has a unique rhythm and tone. Poems vary from free form to even a Haiku poem. An excerpt from his timeless book:

I wish you knew, my heart paused,
I adored you with all flaws.
Every time I saw you, you made me free,
I wish you knew, oh how much, I love thee.

“The poems were written as raw, passionate insights to the intensity of human moments. The words are symbolic of giving and offering self-sacrifice, which is the true essence of Love. I have a few favorites in this delightful book, and I know you will too,” says Linardakis.

About the Book
"LOVE, Poems of Longing" is a modern classic poetry book with thirty poems dedicated to four elements: family, moments, person and life.

Available at all major bookstores, ISBN 978-1-884084-06-5 and at

About the Author
Nikos Linardakis grew up in Oak Brook, Illinois. As a writer, he worked in Chicago and New York, gathering themes from around the world of love, family, loss, hurt, healing and joy. He published over a dozen books as past Editor-in-Chief with McGraw-Hill Companies in New York and with Gibbs-Smith Publishers. He has also written several articles and monographs. LOVE, Poems of Longing is his first book of poetry.

About Light Book Publishers
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