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Incontinence underwear company, Confitex is proud to announce that they are partnering with UK online store, who specialise in products for improving the lives of those living with dementia.

London, United Kingdom, April 20, 2016 --( Confitex underwear features unique patented three-layer textile technology which is washable, absorbent, waterproof, and breathable. Because Confitex underwear is highly absorbent whilst being washable and reusable, it allows the wearer the opportunity to avoid wearing a pad or nappy, which can contribute to feelings of embarrassment and discomfort. is an online store devoted to caring for those with dementia, which is full of helpful products and advice to make caring for your loved one that much easier. Unforgettable’s mission is to improve the lives of those who experience dementia, so that they do not have to feel like a prisoner to their illness.

Incontinence is very commonly experienced by those who experience dementia. Sometimes this can be due to illnesses like stroke or diabetes, but can also be caused by an inability to recognise the need to use the bathroom, or forgetting where the bathroom is.

Dementia is one of the most common illnesses affecting us today, with over 850 000 people in the UK alone living with dementia. Dementia is commonly seen as a disease that only affects the elderly, however it can affect people who are much younger – with dementia often being seen among those as young as 50. Early-onset dementia can be very challenging, particularly for families who are not prepared for the situation. Unforgettable helps these families with practical suggestions for how to cope, and how to help their loved one continue to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Confitex underwear offers a solution that allows carers the assurance that their loved one is protected if an episode does occur, whilst also giving the wearer a comfortable and beautiful underwear solution to help maintain normality in their lives.

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