Transgender Advocate, Producer and Filmmaker Veronica Robinson Features “Majesty Girls” at MiFo LGBT Film Festival

Veronica Robinson is at the forefront of advocacy for transgender women. From activism to film making, Robinson is shining a positive light on the lives and world of these women that has often gone unnoticed or even ignored. Recently, winning film of the year for her documentary “Majesty Girls” at a very prestigious Miami film festival, Robinson's work seems set to break into the mainstream.

Miami, FL, April 21, 2016 --( The challenges transgender women face are very real ones, and often something not well understood by the majority of people. Fortunately, important progress is being made in this area by breakthrough artists, like transgender advocate, filmmaker and producer Veronica Robinson. Recently, Robinson won best film at the Miami Short and Documentary Film Festival for “Majesty Girls” shedding light on the transgender woman experience. With her work rising in popularity on YouTube and in Facebook videos, Robinson's voice expressed through film is becoming a more valuable advocate for transgender women's rights, treatment and self-respect everyday.

“I'm very happy and grateful about the reception 'Majesty Girls' has received in Miami and beyond,” commented Robinson. “Film is one of the art forms I feel most comfortable working in and its value in telling the story of transgender women is really clear. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for my films. I'm also very excited to see how our other diverse work for transgender women develops in 2016 and beyond.”

In addition to her work as a filmmaker and producer, Robinson has proven herself quite a multidimensional artist and activist. Some highlights include: being an acclaimed cellist, an inspiring vocalist and the director of the growing transgender woman advocacy organization, also named Majesty Girls.

Robinson remarked about the non-profit group, “Majesty Girls is a organization that spotlights and honors trans women who have accomplished and overcome self doubt, discrimination and transgender violence. All very real problems and dangers that our community faces each and everyday. We invited transgender women and our friends and supporters to join us as we walk along a journey of honesty, self respect, love and healing of old wounds. We're telling very real stories that show an honest look at what transgender women face and have overcome. It's really powerful, important work, that can possibly transform lives for the better.”

Reviews for Robinson's film continue to be passionate across the board.

Christine C., from Boston, recently said in a five star review, “I'm really lucky to have had a chance to see Majesty Girls. While I have always had LGBT friends, there's many things I didn't understand about what transgender women face everyday. I'm very grateful to have Majesty Girls open my eyes so I can do what I can to help. The movie itself, beyond the topic, is really remarkably filmed and powerful. Looking forward to seeing much more work from the director in the future. Fully recommended.”
Majesty Girls
Christopher Gadson