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New High Tech Dental Practice Opening April 25, 2016; New Jersey dentist to offer latest in dental technology.

Spotswood, NJ, April 21, 2016 --( It’s a kinder and gentler world at the dentist’s office these days. The scary needles and drills are being replaced with high tech equipment that didn’t even exist a few years ago. One such piece of dental technology is called Air Brush.

No drills? No needles?

Instead of a conventional dental drill, Air Brush uses micro particles and air aimed precisely at the area of decay. “It basically mists away the decay,” says Dr. Matthew Sorkin, “most patients don’t even need a shot.”

Another new technology Dr. Sorkin employs is the digital x-ray.

“Because of fluoridated water, tooth enamel has become much harder and decay resistant,” says Dr. Sorkin. “This is a good thing except that it makes decay more difficult to detect so it often doesn’t even show up on a traditional x-ray.”

Digital x-rays provide clearer and much more accurate pictures of what’s going on inside a patient’s mouth. Leaks or breaks in fillings that used to go unnoticed, often leading to root canals, can now be found and treated before major damage is done.

Less Radiation Exposure

The digital technology also produces up to 90% less radiation than earlier methods. “Traditional x-rays are and always have been perfectly safe,” says Dr. Sorkin. “But some people were nervous about the amount of radiation they were receiving in the dental office. This new technology greatly reduces this concern.”

Have you been told you need gum surgery?

For many people the thought of having gum surgery to treat periodontal disease is frightening. But there is an advancement that may make it much more acceptable. It’s called Laser Periodontal Therapy ™. “With the laser we can now successfully treat gum disease without cutting the gums, which also means no stitches,” says Dr. Sorkin. “And healing times are greatly reduced.”

New Technology for Dentistry

“I wanted to bring the very latest advancements in dentistry to our patients,” says Dr. Sorkin. “That’s why we are opening our new office here in Spotswood. Our goal is to deliver the latest dental technology in the most comfortable way possible. And yes, we also do fillings, cleanings and all the usual treatments.”

Dr. Sorkin received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery. Dr. Sorkin has been practicing in the area since 1983 and looks forward to serving the community in his new state of the art office at 418 Main Street, Spotswood, N.J. For more information call: (732) 723-5100, or visit his website at
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